Education is not enough…..Nursing

I am a RN,BSN. I have been knocking myself out to get a head with education.

So what do I do? I quit my job to pursue the BSN, MSN fulltime to hurry and get it over with. Now I find myself being told that a company can only hire me if I have been working. What do think going to Graduate school is a cake walk?

Plus, nurses eat there own. I hate that kind of treatment. It is everywhere. So trusting to be treated right is a joke. Why am I getting turned away from opportunities when I have 118 years of OR Experience only because I have been in school working on my BSN & MSN?

What a rewarding feeling to put all of that time and money, only to feel like that I still am not good enough to work as a great RN,BSN- and not only have the education, but the specialty experience.

Thanks for letting me share.