Administrative Assistant at a Financial Institution…Why did I go to college to arrange soda cans for company meetings?

I hate my job. I hate my life. I feel like I wasted 120K on a college education for nothing. I sit in a cube all day and answer phones, file papers, make labels for the filing cabinets, create endless spreadsheets, arrange coke cans “in a nice orderly fashion” for client meetings and basically do the kind of mindless shit that a trained baboon could do.

I graduated from a magna cum laude from a prestigious college with a degree in Communications and Psychology. I was president of the Communication Association at my college and a memeber of three national honor societies. 9/11 happened my senior year and the economy went down the shitpipes. So that pretty much ruined it for all of us 2002 grads. I could not find a job when I graduated. I temped for a year until I landed this job. I make enough $$ to pay the bills but I am so unfulfilled that I feel like my life has no purpose. My co will pay for me to go back and get an MBA but even with the MBA I may always be labelled an ADMIN..dum dum dummmmmm (insert twilight zone music here). So what is the point?

I’m too smart to be doing this mindless shit. I hate every day of my life and I’m trying to figure out what it is I want to do. I am really interested in law school but the economy blows so much that it is entirely conceivable that I could waste another 130K on law school only to have no job or to land a paralegal position making 40K a year.

I may pick up my shit, move to a trailer park and start popping out babies left and right. Anything is better than this.

Within the next 30 years I hope I am lucky enough to be run over by a bus.