ER Nursing is thankless and awful.

I’ve been a nurse for ten years. In that ten years I’ve been hit, spit upon, had my life threatened, my family’s life threatened, written up by co-workers and unsupported by managers and medical directors, treated invisibly by doctors, stabbed in the back by co-workers and witness on a regular basis the same treatment of my nursing peers in the exact same way, under the exact same circumstances.
Fourteen years ago I went into Nursing with a sincere desire to do good in the world. Since emerging into the “professional world” of nursing, that innocent and honest goal has been systematically roasted over open fie and left the ideal a piece of dark coal.
I have worked in nurmerous facilities in different states and the result is always the same: Dysfunctional administration that are unable to recognise and defend the hard work we do, angry frustrated American populace who infest the ER’s of this nation with the entitlement of Leona Helmsley, who love to demand immediate service for their stupid little problems, most of which are social, and who love to threaten my license with legal action, because I had the audacity to ignore their cough in lieu of the 17 girl crushed to death in a motor vehicle accident who is lying lifeless and limp in the next room with a grief stricken parent awaiting the arrival of the rest of their family. On top of all this, there is the Joint Commission, who clicks around the U.S. of A., threatenening to shut hopsitals down if the nursing staff don’t memorize stupid little rules and sing song rhymes they come up with to make American health care the same in every institution. R.A.C.E. Rescue, alarm, confine, escape. If you say ‘rescue, alarm, confine, extinguish’, your name is taken to management and the hopsital receives a violation which could potentially lead to the place shutting down. Hospitals are infested with middle management running around in their click click high heel pumps, french manicures and white lab coats cornering staff in corridors, break rooms, above code carts, in trauma bays demanding them to recite these jumprope like chants about glucometers, pain management, concious sedation and putting out a fire. If you don’t know the answer you get a disciplinary action againstyou. Never mind the last eight hours have been spend without food or water as you run like a chicken with your head cut off trying to keep people alive and out of pain.
Oh, and lets not forget the illustrious MEDICAL STAFF. These, second only GOD guys. These FRAT boy extrodinaires with their IVY league education, intelluctal superiority, obvious discust they have to share the same airspace with nurses, and their belief that they acutally levitate above the rat scum of the hospitals (nurses, cooks, aides, lab techs, housekeepers), and all the gross little medical students following them around with their clip boards taking every little note as if it is truely the word of GOD. I have seen an ER attending, two ER residents, three interns and two medical students gently and arrogantly talking, yes, talking about a single case for hours at a time, while the nurse, with their 14 paitents in the er is trying to stop a hemmorhageing GI bleed, maintain the blood pressure of an intubated extacy overdose with dopamine, titrate nitro on a paitent with a heart attack, and having absolutely no time to even drink a sip of water.
I can no longer bare hearing rhetoric from hospital administration about the mission of dignigty and service to the poor. This little mission statements are flimsy and false. They are are the opium of the masses. Administration tries to brainwash nurses into believing they are part of an organization and must commit to it, while in the same breath they will issue pink slips and layoff notices for staff reductions.
The institution of healthcare in America is a crock. Nursing is a crock. Americans with and without insurance are a crock. Doctors are a crock. Drug companies are a crock. The entire institution is a pathetic embarassment to the civilised world. I cannot and will not recommend nursing to anyone.