Management trainee job..License to be yelled at!

It sounds important, and the job descriptions is quite seductive. It sounds like a passport to success….

but be VERY wary of accepting any job labeled Management Trainee! It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

For starters, you are put on salary but do the math. In some fields, like retail, you could be making as little as $7.50 an hour and working more than 50 hours a week with NO overtime!

Sometimes you have to pull 12 hour shifts and you don’t have time to have lunch. The emphasis is on neither management nor training. You are treated as a peon, make no mistake. Your “employees” are jealous and do not respect you. Your “employers” see you as mere fodder to be eliminated at first opportunity. You are held responsible for mistakes that are not even your fault. You are yelled at by customers and workers alike! I was a fool and went through not one but TWO management training programs. At the first store, I kid you not, Maalox was a prominent feature on the desks of all of the managers and the store manager was a complete drunk! You could smell the alcohol in the air up the five minutes after she departed the room! Forget having a social life…you are on call 24/7! I’ve known several managers who wound up in extramarital affairs with co-workers or ended up divorced because they were never home!

I can remember hiding out in the storage rooms trying to fight back tears and praying God please help me find a job where I can sit and NO ONE yells at me. He answered my prayer…I am now very happily employed as a receptionist for a fortune 500 company where I am treated with respect and no one but NO ONE screams at me!

So if you want to make a questionable salary, be constantly worried about losing your job on some arbitrary thing (such as whether they like you or not), never see your family, and be always on the verge of a nervous breakdown and constantly nursing an ulcer…go ahead and accept a management training position!