nursing can i have a refund?? if nursing was a commercial product, i’d ask for a refund!!

my experiences of nursing is one of total horror,,i am only registered 18 months and already im turning into an old shrew!!i can not stand the ungratefulness of the general public, the way they all seem to know more about my job than i do,yet miracilously enough they are not actually trained nurses!!i could rant religously about the poor pay standards(after tax of course), the long hours,shift work, managment treating staff like they are in a dickens novel,(scrouge would be soo very proud of them)the arrogance of patients families to assume that if im standing at the nurses station doing what apperars to be nothing i probably am doing something an i will get to there relative asap,though they took (usually) all of 6mths to pop over to check their hygine pad, i will be there in 5 mins, yet still this is unacceptable to them, such is life in nursing, i intend to leave the profession asap, so for those who rmain and complain i have no sympathy for you as if we all voted with our feet, these injustices would be greatly reduced if not eradicated altogether and perhaps then we could all attempt to enjoy the profession!! thank you