nursing is sad….LPN

I am a lpn and wonder why i became one. i always loved helping people but it is alot of politic’s where i work. Before nursing i was in a bank, sure wish i had stayed there, at least i wouldn’t be made to feel like a horrible nurse, put down etc.

I took this job as i felt the benefits were great, but they have decreased. I like takeing care of the patients, what i dont like is all the bull i have to take from my superiors, and rn’s, that think they know it all. I wish i could go to work, and not have to put up with all this bull. just do my job the best way i can and go home.

I would leave this place but i have alot of years in here, and would have trouble finding something else cause of my age. The good part is when a patient thanks me for the good care, cause i dont get it from management. they look down on lpn’s here. the rn’s are superior.

If i were to leave i would get out of nursing, and go back in the banking field or computer field.My boss is a very unfair person, only good to her friends, and if your not her friend you get nil, only put down.The woman over her backs her up, so what do you do?