Gay Bashing…..MY McDonalds Story (I’m Hatin’ It)

I’m a 20 year old Crew Trainer at a McDonalds in the Dakotas. Yeah I can’t wait to get a better job either. McDonalds hired me and right away the problems started. Other co-workers would make fun of me because I had a difficult time learning things.

One person in particular, we’ll call him K, the first letter of his name. He’s one year younger then me and has a lazy eye. Not only that but he’s as scrawny as I’ll get out and threatens to beat me up constantly. Well the verbal abuse started off early and continued, I DID get in a few good shots if I do say som myself. anyway, He and other employees made fun of me, mostly about being gay. They constantly made fun of me about that. I’m not gay but even if I was it’s none of their business.

I would talk to a manager and it would stop for a few days and then start up again. then last March, I was finishing up my shift at 8 PM, and I get handed the phone by one of the managers, it was a detective from the local Police. Apparently K had found his windshield damaged and swore out a statement against me. I had to haul myself down to the station and straighten out that whole mess. For starters I don’t know what his car even looks like and I was WORKING when he said I did it. The cop was a asshole and said that he thought I was the problem.

I had already read K’s statement and he even friggin admitted that he had been teasing me all night and that’s why I did it. what a stupid cop. Anyway K eventually got promoted and later so did I. He’s still a thorn in my side.