What drives me to get a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing!!…student

While I am not a nurse yet, I feel so passionate about nursing. I am currently at The University of Alabama-Roll Tide- getting my BSN. I have had nothing but good things happen to me while at the hospital doing clinicals.

This past summer I worked at a hospital in Flordia on the Oncology floor. I had so much fun and enjoyed seeing the patients and spending time with them-even if it was a simple hello or how are you doing today.

So many of the nurses had bad attitudes and I saw how this affected their care they provided the patients. I would love to be a Ped Oncology nurse or a NICU nurse. Anything and everything to do with babies/kids. Some people can not see themselves working with little people but I personally can not see myself working somewhere without them. Through nursing, there are so many opportunities out there and endless things to do.

I am so excited about being a nurse and graduating so I can get out there and make a difference in my patients’ lives. I wish everyone had the drive and passion I have for this field, but sadly, even some of my classmates do not.

I can not see myself in any other profession other than nursing–I even have “nursing” on my license plate. It is a wonderful major and even a better job to have.