claims services technician

My current job is a claim services technician. Previously, I worked as a transcriptionist. I took the job I have now because I wanted to do something different, as I had been working as a transcriptionist since 1994, (medical transcription) and was getting bored with it. I also wanted to get away from the people in my department, as the majority of them are complete ass-wipes, so I applied for this job that was being offered in the company, and I got it. I’ve been at this company for almost three years, and I have been working as a claim services technician since January 2004. I continue to do this job because, hey, just like everybody else who hates their job yet stays, I need the paycheck. No, this job does not make me happy. The parts of this job that bother me the most are the workload. I work with two claim examiners, i.e., I handle the paperwork on claims, so even if I’m stressed out from working or overburdened, they will continue to pile on the work. The work has deadlines (2-5 days), but sometimes, I can’t meet the deadlines because I’m backed up with work!! Also, most of the people here are related and they exercise favortism and nepotism to the full-out degree. There is also a lot of backstabbing and gossipping, and I just can’t be a part of this company anymore. Yes, I thought about quitting, and I am quitting this job on December 10, 2004. I won’t even be giving a two-week notice. I will be giving my resignation letter on the day I quit.

After I quit, I will be taking a month off before working at home doing medical transcription again. I know, I’ll be back doing what I originally wanted to get away from, but the fact that the company’s schedule I’ll be working for is flexible, and the fact that I’ll be working at home helped me to make the decision to take the job.

I’d rather be singing background vocals for a band or doing studio work for independent artists.

My boss is a two-timing, backstabbing, gossipping, phony dimb bulb, and I will be glad to be getting away from her nexst month.

In five years, I hope to be doing what i wrote above in regard to singing. In 30 years, I hope to be retired with my husband owning our own business.

I work in Minneapolis, and hope to move out of Minnesota to another state or to another country in the future.