Working retail sucks…Sales Assistant Job

I started working as a sales assistant when I was 16. It was my part time job I did whilst I was a school to get a bit of work experience, which is always valuable when I apply for ‘real jobs!’

Since quitting university I’ve been temping there and I hate it. There are so many rules and regulations, it’s just pathetic! I feel like saying ‘It’s just a shop, who cares?’
This co-worker who I work with, she is so annoying. She’s in it for life and obviously loves her job. She knows I have a privileged upbringing and a good education. She knows I hate retail and I do not disguise this fact. Working in retail means that many colleagues are going to be quite bitter and jealous even if they claim to love their jobs. This particular co-worker thinks she’s great because she’s a ‘senior sales assistant’ and she actually boasts about it to people because she earns a laughable £9000 a year. It’s just pathetic. She is pathetic.

The customers are so annoying. Many of them treat you badly and act like they are far superior to even talk to you. The litter the shop, ask stupid questions, mess up displays, moan etc. I don’t take any rubbish of them and the ‘senior sales assistant’ told me off for not being polite enough to customers. I basically just laughed at her. Many of these deluded customers need shop staff to fawn over them, apologise for things, which aren’t the assistant’s fault, and they need the assistant to give them a bright cheery smile and thank them for shopping at the store. To need your self-esteem validated this way is just pitiable. To be honest, I live in a small-minded town where the inhabitants have such worthless and pointless lives; the only time they can truly feel valued is when a retail worker sucks up to them.

Working retail seems to be pointless. I get £5.20 an hour, fine for me, I live at home and have no bills to pay etc but how can someone with bills to pay, rent to pay, food to pay for etc live on this? I never feel any sense of pride or accomplishment. I don’t bother helping idiotic customers. There is no future in retail.

I am planning to work in an office and making many applications to various places. It really is ridiculous how someone who works say, as an office administrative assistant is seen as being higher up the food chain and in a more respectable position than a retail sales assistant.

I am only doing this job till something better comes along, it’s something to do and keeps me well stocked in clothes and cosmetics. I think of quitting every single day I work there. Running around picking up stock off the floor is no way to make a living.

The highlights of the job are staff discount, laughing at co-workers, laughing at customers and being as rude as possible to them and…well that’s about it. It’s just so boring. I’m counting down the days till I leave…and as soon I get a better job I have no qualms about walking out on the job.