verbal abuse from customers…….billing customer service

I started working at a large cable company in the billing dept answering questions on the night shift 2 years ago. The job terrified me at first, with reading prorates and trying to get customers to understand their billing.

I used to like people till I started working here, I also thought that people were good inside. WOW, was I ever wrong I grew up fast and now do not really like people in general. The abuse I take on the phone from these people is wrong just wrong. If someone said the things they did to me on the phone in public they would be arrested for it.

I have been threatened by 1 guy, who hadn’t paid his bill in 4 months, he was disconnected as the warning notes we sent him had warned. He said if he knew where I lived he would come and cut my throat out. OVER CABLE TV.

I have to deal with verbal abuse on a daily basis. I end up crying at least once a week from it. The company treats us no better they change our scope of support daily, we never know what is going on and if you are unlucky like me to work the night shift you get none of the many perks, HBO and STARZ free hand outs and free pizza . Never going to the christmas party.

My team boss, who is supposed to meet with me weekly I have not met with in over 6 months as she will only work days so too bad for me. She never returns my email to her so I have to go through other means. Why do I stay here, good health beneifits, a mortgage and need of money.

I just wish people would think before they scream at us, we are no thte cause of your trouble but if you are nice to us we might go out of our way to help.