I Love Nursing!

I have been looking at some of the stories on this page for awhile now and have felt a great sadness for those who are disafected by their work and its rewards. Mainly those who nurse. I am at present studying for a degree in nursing in ireland. To be honest i sometimes find it very difficult. it is a four year course with more ologys than you can shake a stick at. It is very scienced based and the standared is very high, the hours long and the study required unrelenting. Im 38 yrs old and am half way through.
some times i become very disillusioned. when im getting really freaked out or am on the verge of giving up, i remember why i have chosen this profession.
It wasnt for money or recognition, but a need to help others who are suffering or in pain you see i belive the greatest give we can give or recive is to walk with another on their journey through ill health to recovery or death.
Its nothing heroic.. No bells, whistles, or a big parade.. its just the oppertunity to be there, to help another person and to know that in some small way i have made a differance.
Before this i was a photographer and a good one at that i made good, reall good money, travelled all over the world and had my pictures in magazines and on billboards. i was well respected in my field and honestly i had a ball dashing about and doing whatever i wanted. but it wasnt enough plenty of cash nice cars good house holidays in the sun but the truth is i was not happy. Now i mean deep down happy
I had thought of nursing since i was a small boy, but back then in dear old ireland only girls became nurses. so i put the buissnes on hold and took a job as a nurses assistant or what we call care assistant in a local public hospital for a year It was the best decision i have ever made, I LOVED IT
the pay was crap the hours long and the conditions welllets just say dantes 7th circle of hell could seem like a holiday.
But you know what? IT DID NOT MATTER for the first time in my life i was making a diferance ,nothing big or flash, earth shaking or profound. To be blunt i was wipping arses and cleaning up the puke. BUT….
also i was interacting with the patients and staff, i was part of something bigger than me and doing stuff that was helping others in some small way.
so now im studying to be a nurse im flat broke my car is a pice of junk i still have a nice house though and the college fees give me cause to worry when they fall due.
my biggest fear is cocking up at exam time you know that feeling when your sitting in the exam hall with your pharmacology paper and your mind is blank, but i gotta tell you i have never never been happier. truth is nursing is faaaaab…. The secret is, dont take yourself to seriously. working on the wards is hard the patients can be a pain in the ass and the other nurses doctors and all the rest can really bring you down with their bitching and petty fueds and egos. but hey their human just like you and me.
to any one out there whos thinking of nursing think long and hard, its not easy,its not glamourous like you see on tv the monetary rewards are not the best for all the effort you put in but then its not just the money is it…. its about making a differance. truth is i get more out of it than i ever put in
I LOVE IT dirty bums and all.