inconsiderate patients and unsafe working environment….nurse

Ive worked in nursing for 20 years ,with a few exceptions -most of the hospitals ive worked min have been abusive hellholes. ive had a hearing loss in both ears,caused by the supersized metal doors which are never oiled and are slammed 43 trillion times a day by considerate mds and social workers who pop in for a few seconds and “blow up ” my patients (i work in mental health.

Health -my ass !!!every hospital is kept excrutiatingly cold which really agrivates the arthritis most nurses have(thanks to their sweatshop coditions.hospitals are filthy never cleaned properly anymore and contagios patients cough in your face handle everything youve asked them not to and basically have 0 consideration for their care giver .

people feel its ok to behave with a nurse in a manner they would never behave any where else..hospitals are rackets that rotate the same entitled sociopaths through over and over again who do NOT suffer from mental illnes,they are usually criminals,child molesters,rapists drug users and have absolutely no interest in changing their lives.they are there for free housing after being kicked out of other places for violating someone or bringing drugs into a treatment the hospital they consantly make non stop demands and have free maid service.

meanwhile when someoen comes in who really wants help for addiction or depression -a working class person-theyll be turned down,they dont have the kind of coverage that the “professional” patient has .doctors love them .theres no real work involved they keep a list of these so called “patients” and just copy their admission orders and “histories from the last 85 admissions-worse yet the doctors tell the nurses to get their old chart and write down the orders from last time -and just give him the uual(usually a long list of narcotics,antianxiety medications and”pain” killers.if you dont medicate them till their respirations nearly stop you will be called of work,get less hours or maybe have agrievance filed against your license .youll be sued if you do or do not over medicate .

because sociopaths and borderlines will always make you responsible for their refusal to care for themselves and management will always leave your but flapping inthe wind!!!!