Audio Engineer, Voice-Over Artist…..Silently Yours

I record voice-overs for various applications, IVRs,Promos,Documentaries, I used to do sound for films too, but that was ages ago. I started on Audio in 1980. Before that I was a Bio Sciences dropout, who barely managed to get a Bachelor’s degree in Science,eventually, followed by a specialisation Diploma in Sound recording and Sound Engineering from the elite Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, India. My current job is exciting sometimes, but most of the times it is not too challenging. I have worked in India for nearly 19 years after I started out, doing short films, documentaries,TV serials etc and then I moved to Dubai. I love listening to new sounds, and here I have been exposed to a new language.

To be happy all I need is play my guitar or the flute, and listen to myself later on. Sometimes when the routine gets too boring, I feel like taking off on a holiday, but never felt like quitting Audio work. I am always in search of the proverbial golden voice, and if I find someone with such a voice, that will be the best day of my career.

In the next five years I have plans to make a film which will of course rely heavily on audio based imagery, and less on the visuals which are all too popular.What I hate most is the second position people give to audio in films. Audio is integrally a part of the scene, without audio the meaning conveyed is quite different from what it actually is.I am also angry at the fact that in every team which has a cameraman, a sound recordist and an editor, the sound recordist gets the least salary. This is a stupid trend set up by the managers who decide salaries for the crew members. This is one reason I stopped working for TV News units. As for my opinions of bosses, I am quite mature and I can work independently, a boss is a useful but insignificant appendage as far as I am concerned (boss, this isnt for you,hehe).

Ten years more and I hit the 30 year line crossing my career…may retire to the himalayas where i can spend peaceful hours,days,months,years….
I certainly am a quiet type of guy, because I keep trying to listen to every slightest sound that can possibly be made. Imagine the sound of a roach’s little feet on a clean sheet of paper (did anyone try to record that? yikes, i am so scared of these animals) Or, Imagine the sound of a soul leaving a body…….Hmm, want more, I write a lot. I have something like 20 poems to my credit, all stored neatly on my hard drive, some 50 single page articles on various topics, and some terrible attempts at recording my own voice.I know I cant sing too well, so I never try too hard, but when I do sing, it is with the right feeling and the right mood.Being an Audio Engineer has surely taught me some fine things in life.

I love listening to people go yakkety yak, over the mobile, on chats, face to face…. I simply love to listen ( a rare habit, not found in many people) When i speak, I simply forget the world ever existed! Contradictory, isnt it? The truth is, an Audio Engineer is more closer to the truths within, and is perhaps lucky because eventually in life what matters is the truth within. Outside is just a cover that will blow off someday. Am I getting too philosophical? Perhaps you have never heard an Audio Engineer speak, so here …..listen on…….