Flight Attendant War Stories….Stewardess

I work in a pressurized alluminum tube and the environment outside my “office” cannot sustain human life. that being said, the human life inside is not worth sustaining sometimes…in fact, the passengers can be jerks, and idiots. I am often treated with no respect, nobody listens to me ..until i threaten to kick them off the plane…and have to literally scare and threaten people to conform to FAA requirements.

That being said, as a Flight Attendant, I have to baby-sit sick kids, serve fat people food that will only make them fatter, pretend im subjugated to trailer trash in first class who really only paid $160.00 each way to sit there (upgrade) and deal with various ailments and issues. Once I had a man run into the bathroom on final approach with urine flying out of his pants. I’ve cleaned up puke, I’ve had to clean up people who soil themselves, and listen to my share of abuse why “I” am the reason their life has gone to hell in a hand basket when “I” wanst even 500 miles near them when the event occurred. My blood pressure has shot up since 9/11, Im constantly exhausted from flying 12-15 hour days, 4 leg turns , and endruing 8-9 hour layovers between 12-14 hour days. its inhumane.

I’ll never in my life forgive the mgmt at my airline for subjecting me to the hell on earth as a flight attendant I’ve endured while they hardly took any concessions worth speaking of and their work-day didnt change. bah. you can have this job. In fact, I seriously doubt you’d even make it through the first week of the constant belittlement, being told “smile” and starting to think you’re name is Miss Celephane. The events I speak of happen ever day im at work…when was the last time someone came into your office or cubicle and called you a bitch because you told them to fasten the seatbelt around their sleeping child (lets assume here your office can drop 100 ft in 1/2 second) or to put their seat upright so the people behind them can exit in an emergency during landing should one occur.

People change when they get on board an airliner and I can certainly reinforce to you its not for the better.