12 Year Uphill Slog…nurse

Another Nurse is Burned out…like others in this profession I hated Nursing school …where else do you pay to clean butts at a V.A. hospital and earn the hatred of your instructors ?

The first job out of school wasn’t a job it was a sentence…the new meat had arrived and the preceptors and staff made it there business to let you know you were poorly trained and unworthy until the next group of schmucks showed up and you were off the hook for the time being.

For me this could not have been a worse career choice. Now at age 51 after 12 years I’m considering a return to carpentry or perhaps a sales job away from the miserable environemt and miserable people I have had to work with. I can t tell you how mujch this “career ” has cost me in terms of my self worth , dignity and relationships with others.

There have been at times moments of the most exquisite human intimacy with people that will never be forgotten , I was so honoredto have held the hand of someone and known that I had made a difference in their life at a crucial moment. I hope I can find a viable way out of this profession and build on the experience.