i love nursing…i guess not everyone is fit for the job

I’ve been an LPN for 7 years and am working part-time while I am a full time student in a BSN program. I love my job and have always wanted to be a nurse. I have such an enthusiasm for my profession that my husband is now pursuing a career in nursing as well. It’s not a job for everyone. I’m not saying that I’ve never had a nursing job that I hated, trust me, my last DON was a major bitch and I dreaded going to work until the day I quit. But underneath that, i still loved what I did and the patients I cared for. I really hate to hear such negativity about the nursing profession. One thing that really bugs me is the nurses who treat nursing students like crap. You know, you were there once and you should remember what it was like. Don’t push your apathy off on someone who’s entering the profession. I guess it’s true, nurses really do eat their young.