Paper or Plastic….service clerk

Getting your first job is a big deal to many people like it was for me. Since I figured I did not want to work with food I chose a grocery store called Ingles.

I should have realized when I got cussed out by a 85 year old woman I was at the wrong job, but hey it was only my first day. I worked up front so no matter what I had to see a person when they came in. I was at Ingles Market for a year before I got the guts to change jobs.

I was working there for the 1000 dollar scholarship but decided to quit because it was not worth it. I think the thing that made me the mad-est about this job was the fact I was only paid 5.50 and I was treated like crap by the managers. My store was in Lenoir City, Tennessee and lots of people came in. My bosses hated there jobs because they where also paided badly and so they projected their angry out on service clerks/ cashiers/ video workers like me. If you are thinking of working for Ingles Market do not! The pay sucks, people suck, and the managers are asses to you.

In Five years I hope to be a journalist. In 30 years I want to own a newspaper. I live in Lenoir City, Tennessee. I am only 17 but I have learned people earlier then I had hopes. My name is Tyler King and if any of you can relate my email is