life on the road….bassist in a bar band

i spent 9 months on the road with a bar band. after 20 years of music as a serious hobby and playing countless local gigs, i hooked up with a band to hit the road with! music as a job, beer, and of course women. but it aint all its cracked up to be.

there is a lot of satisfaction about playing music for a living. i didnt earn much, just enough to keep my apartment back home, but its not about money. i lived, ate, breathed and played music with some very talented musicians, something i`d never really gotten to do in my small hometown of pot-smoking mulletheaded wannabes that i`d played with before. i was motivated to work very hard to learn the material and this single experience probably tripled my musical ability. plus we got free food, hotel rooms, and a new club to play in every night.

but it was less than glamourous. in 9 months i only got laid once (the other 2 guys didnt get ANY so ha ha eat your hearts out), some of the venues would be sucky. we played 3 nites at a club in whitefish mt. and had maybe 10 people the whole time, all gigs combined. there were a few loud surly patrons, i almost got my ass kicked in idaho falls cuz i made a joking remark to someone at the bar that was taken the wrong way.

the other 2 guys started bitching to me about one another, i tried to stay out of it and they ended up turning on me. the singer who wrote the tunes and had the band named after him got all egoed out and would smack his food as loud as he could and fart in the hotel rooms just to annoy me. it definitely gets stressful in a van with 2 other guys for days at a time.

i got fed up with the back-stabbing and bitching, and was a bout to rip the leaders head of for being so smug and such a smartass, so i quit. a dream i`d had since i was 15 and first dreamed of being a musician, going on the road. i`ll remember the experience for my whole life, and even though i wasnt in a band that sold millions of records and travelled in jets, it was a dream come true that lots of guys would kill to experience.