A McGreat Place To Work

I work for mcdonalds in a small city. The owner owns 2 mcdonalds in the city I work in. I got this job through the managers daughter when I was out of work, still a teenager but out on my own. It was a good way in, “connections”. I was interviewed and hired immediately. I never thought I’d ever work at McDonalds. When I was younger I’d remember going there and eating with my mom, getting a happy meal there, with a cool toy, birthday parties… etc.

I have been there over a year now, and the longer you work there the more your feelings begin to change there. When I first started there I hated it. I found everyone I worked with was rude; the work was hard and I got crappy hours. Maybe 2 shifts a week if I was lucky. I found the managers to gang up on people, and get people fired if they didnt like them. I somehow made it through though.

Over time eventually, people began to open up. After I passed my 3 month review I saw a much kinder working environment. It was as if I was welcomed inside the club. After that 3 month period was over, I began to see new people hired on, and they experienced the same things I had gone through, same feelings, etc. I was open and friendly to them, because thats the way I would’ve liked it to be.

I think its a great place to work for when you are out of school. Now, I am graduated highschool, and I get to pick my hours. I can take as much time as I want off, they keep your vacation pay seperate, so when you take time off you have money to spend and you won’t lose out really. Free uniforms, free meals on occasion, and discounts with the mcgold card. I think its excellent. I get along with everyone at work (with the exceptional cranky manager). I would really recommend it too if you’re going to college or don’t have a job at all. I get lots of hours now, and I am just being trained for drive thru.

I find that they are good for positive comments to “keep going”. They always have “good job” signs downstairs congradulating people on their hard work and efforts. You get one year pins, and other pins through out the year for your hat, and dont forget the good old one year grouping parties where you get paid to go and win great stuff and prizes and have food!! (I forget the name of it, maybe because it only happens once a year).

But except for that, they also have activities outside of the work area. They plan field trips, dances and parties all the time. Its great!! It really depends on how you take the job personally.

I dont intend to stay there forever, but for now it suits my life style perfectly, and I only hope that everyone else can see what agreat place it is to work for.