Not happy in Wally World!…Walmart Cashier Employee

I am a Walmart cashier, working nearly full time, and it’s a fairly good job. I needed a job back in 2000 and my brother told me to try a certain store. I did and got hired.

I’ve been at Walmart for years now. As a Walmart cashier people expect me to work to provide pens for customers to use (I’ve been told!), take their BS as they will it, serve them hand and foot (as I get those who think their such high royalty and I’m just a cashier… I really mean slave) and give them discount prices based on what they think or feel.

Women, I must say honestly now, are 99%+ of my problems. People want me to talk to them, some folks want silence, others want me to not have any humor and vice versa!

Customers get mad when I don’t load their bags into their carts, and how I’d like to tell them my name is not (Toby, the name of the slave Kunta from Roots) or what not. It’s a good paying job, but the pay could be better.

I get a lot of frustration on my job, but I also get a lot of enjoyment. I don’t know why customers think because I’m a cashier that I’m stupid, as if they have to talk more haltingly or repetitively. I just wish I could tell them where to go, but since I want to keep a roof over my head I deal with it. The Walmart employee managment usually does not stand by us. When customers complain about something we are not supposed to do, they come and do it for them.. making me look like a liar. Customers think cashiers are out to steal their social security numbers and put them on the lowest of Skid Row for their lifetime. I am just trying to do my job, and I mostly try to be egalitarian… but they don’t see it that way. Just once I wish I could scream and vent out my anxiety.