The New Generation RN’s are a Bit Sociopaths

As told by a former CNA:

I’ve never in my life seen such a dysfunctional career setting as the Nursing profession. What a disgrace and cry for help!! What has happened to this profession? When I was growing up, I remember going into hospitals to visit relatives, friends, etc. and seeing these women, GROWN ADULT women dressed neatly in white uniform carrying themselves with respect and pride totally focused on their tasks. I would watched in admiration as these women spoke with doctors in respectful tones, listened intently and followed through and tended to their patients efficiently and accurately. Now, holy shit, now it’s NOTHING like that, NOTHING!

Now, every arrogant, self-entitled brat RN is wearing WHATEVER wrinkled, dirty scrubs they could find out of the bottom of their dirty clothes hamper, wearing their “bedazzled” name badge holder, wreaking of some nasty Victoria’s Secret perfume, their MULTI-COLORED hair is all over the place, NOT pulled back, probably since they don’t plan on touching any patients during their shift because they’ll be too busy fighting with each other, arguing with pharmacy, fighting with lab, disrespecting and questioning everything the doctors tell them they need to do and just whining incessantly about every little thing. Meanwhile, that Facebook or Twitter account isn’t going to update itself! Better scream at the aide that there’s WORK TO BE DONE while the RN welds her ass to a chair and pretends to chart, but is not-so-discreetly on her phone farting around while call lights go off and off and off and the patient sits waiting for meds that they asked for over an hour ago, and the family STILL has questions about their loved ones care, IVACS beeping constantly, all while the ALMIGHTY Registered Nurse (tremble before the Almighty Nurse!) still remains on her fat can at the Nurse’s Station pissing and moaning how behind they are in their charting! Here’s an idea: STFU, quit gossiping, quit complaining, quit fighting and GET TO WORK!

To RN’s everywhere: NO ONE owes you anything. No one! YOU chose to go into Nursing. YOU chose to go into the field. NOW roll with the punches. It’s hard, dirty work that requires you to be the subordinate following through with doctor’s orders and tending your patients needs ALL DAY AND NIGHT, not just when you feel like it. It is not and never has been a glamorous, high profile career that will get you rich and famous. This was a career that only the toughest women could do, (and still is). It is NOT for your whiny retard ass to do. Go fold shirts at Aeropostale if you can’t handle being “yelled at” by patients or family or Docs. And speaking of DOCTORS. YES, they are smarter than you will ever be. They went to school for 15 years while you sat in COMMUNITY COLLEGE for 2 measly years OR 4 if you happened to be an EXALTED BSN (Big f*cking deal, you took an Arts & Humanities elective). There’s a BIG difference there.

Insider Secret: Nurses don’t get lunches because they don’t need them. Look at their fat asses, does it LOOK like they’re “starving”. I’ve seen a nurse chow down junk food during her whole entire shift, that’s the ONLY thing that got taken care of that day was her mouth, when it wasn’t opened wide bitching non-stop, it was full of junk food!