Hotel Front Desk Job is No Fun

Every chain is different, every property is different, each management team is different. However, I have worked for three major competing hotel chains. All of the four properties in which I worked had corrupt and shady management. The general manager and sales director would take two and three hour lunches, demand that I lie through my teeth to guests or vendors who needed to speak with them, never followed through with their responsibilities and left me, the front desk girl, to clean them up. The maintenance staff would leave after clocking in and things were constantly breaking not working, and they’d be nowhere to be found. No security, no management, no video surveillance at night; just me behind a desk with a LOT of cash in a locked drawer until 11 or 12, whenever the auditor decided to show up. Not to mention rewards programs are based on ass-kissing: no matter how ridiculous, unreasonable or downright insane guests’ requests could be, you could never, ever say no.

The carpet has stains on it, and you’re calling down to complain at 10 PM? They aren’t going to hurt you, the floor is vacuumed every day. You got cookies instead of chocolates and you’re furious? Oh, poor you. Holidays and weekends? LOL! You don’t get them off, but management does. Your child has a 101 fever? That’s unacceptable, get your ass to work.

Do yourself a favor and get a waitressing or bartending job instead. Granted people can be absolutely ridiculous in their requests in restaurants, you can get stiffed, what have you; at least you’re moving throughout the shift and leave with a book full of cash. Don’t waste 8-9 hours each shift of your life standing behind a counter to be the management’s bitch.