My Bad Experiences With Price Chopper…grocery store employee

At first when I was hired at my job at Price Chopper I was so excited. To me $7.20 an hour sounded awesome. I started off in a grocery store working in the deli. My boss Lisa seemed real nice and easy to talk to. As time went on a got several nice raises. I really felt like I was climbing the ladder. When I confided in people who I thought was my friends at work on what was going on in my personal life they then used my personal information and used it against me just because I took my hubby back. One woman in particular treated me at first like a daughter. She helped me in so many ways. My friendships at work soon were ruined. People started snubbing me just cause I was back with hubby. My boss seen how I was struggling to pay for an apartment that was $625 a month. She offered to move me to the foodcourt and put me on fulltime. I got a $2.oo dollar raise moving to the foodcourt. Felt so ahead in life. I had several fall outs in my relationship with my hubby. I noticed my relationship with my boss Lisa started to turn ugly. My bussiness at work was spread all over. People at Price Chopper started treating me like cr@p. I cried oh so many times at work and home. I was temporarily full time for half a year. I was told you can only be temp full time for 3 months after that you should be changed to full time. Well seemed like I kept going to my boss Lisa to change my status to full time. Because they took so long I couldn’t get health insurance for my son or me. I almost quit over wanting my fulltime. They really took their sweet time just to change my status to full time on my paystub. June is when they finally changed me to fulltime which was a year after I worked there. At this time I heard my boss Lisa was leaving our store to be a manager at another store. So many people were deciding to leave to work where Lisa was going. With no food court manager really running the show people started getting more rude with me. I’m a quite nice person and to have people constantly on my @ss can drive anyone mad.

There was one day I was booked down with a ton of platter orders to do. I couldn’t do my cases in sub shop because my platter orders had to be done before 11am. I was in sub shop all by myself no one to help me. Dave a food court manager started giving me attitude as to why my cases weren’t being done. I tried to explain to him that platters come first and when they are all due before 11am I must do them before I take my lunch. He didn’t seem to give me much a chance to explain myself. To do platters involves making subs cutting them up in fours. Arranging them nicely on a platter and decorating it. I had wrap platters to do finger sandwiches to do and 2 foot subs. Its a hard job.

I’ve been trying to transfer out of this Price Chopper to another store for a month now. Seems like Dave the food court manager wasn’t getting back to the manager at the store I want to transfer at. Yesterday I spoke with Carlo’s the manager of the whole store. He at first broadcasted my bussiness out loud saying where I want to transfer too. I don’t want people at my work knowing where I want to go. Then people will want to go to where I want to transfer too. Talking with Carlo’s to me seemed like he was talking me out of leaving. I told him I have my reasons and I want to leave. I’m not sure if he was taking me serious.

Today was my worst day at work. They had messed up my schedule this week. I can’t work certain hours I have a little boy to care for plus I don’t drive how was I supposed to get home. I was promised my schedule would get fixed after all I had my hours availability written on paper that they had for months. Not like they didn’t know I couldn’t work certain hours on certain days. Today Dave said the schedule was fixed take a look. I looked well they sure never fixed my hours for tomorrow. I certainly can’t work past 2:30pm on a thursday, friday or sunday. My hubby has to leave for work those days and I must be home to watch my son. I told Dave this and he started to blow up. I heard him yell how he can’t run a department cause no one is here to work the hours here. You got several people on vacation and 1 worker who called in for the rest of the week cause she is in the hospital. Seeing Dave blow up made me feel bad and uncomfortable. I tried keeping it together without crying. After 10 minutes of Daves blowup he started laughing and joking with other coworkers. How can you blowup one minute with me and the next laugh with other coworkers. That makes me mad.

Then in sub shop I started to cut some roast beef to make certified best subs. Karen a co worker started saying “Oh I already cut up some roast beef” in a rudely way. I could see her talking bad about me to her friend on the other side of the counter. I told her I didn’t see no roast beef thats why I cut some. As I got back to subshop Karen said “Oh I’m sorry I snapped at you”. I just then had enough. Everytime I make a small mistake at work everyone makes a big deal out of it. They keep going on making me feel real bad. I would have to say 50% of the conversation at work is about negative stuff about me. I never felt so useless like the way they treat me. I then punched out of work today and said I quit. I even talked to Carlos the store manager. He didn’t even give me a full minute to explain what was going on. He rushed me out of his office saying if you want to leave then leave rudely. As I got outside I heard him yell at a worker to give him the broom. He was yelling about how a mess outside wasn’t being swept. He doesn’t treat his workers right and I’m a victim of that.

I put over a year of hard work in this company. I gave up breaks just to get my work done. I think I’m a dam good worker. They all treated me like I wasn’t doing my job good enough. I never felt so emotional drained. I’ve been crying all day. I feel like I just finished building a house and someone just destroyed all my hard work. I’m left with emotional scars. It will take time for me to heal.

Then today I went to pick up my paycheck. I had tooken a 40 hour vacation last week. Well they had no check for me today. We got payroll involved and everything. They said when I turned full time on June 27th I was supposed to take my vacation 6 months after that date. My manager should of explained this to me because I wouldn’t of went on vacation if I knew I wouldn’t get paid for it. Here my manager helped me put my vacation in knowing that they had me full time temp for half a year and I just got switched to full time. I feel Price Chopper made their mistake by not informing me on the rules of a vacation. Now I have no paycheck this week and I’m mad.

Price Chopper took their sweet time making me fulltime, messed up my checks so many times oweing me money and handled things unprofessionally. I will never work for them again.


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  1. If you don't like your job, quit whining and find another one. There are a ton of grocery stores out there. I work on average 65-70 hours a week--under high stress--and I get by. Sounds to me like you wear your heart on your sleeve. Toughen up!! Nobody likes everything about their jobs, you just have to live with it. If you were to have some kind of an education, maybe you could work somewhere other than Price Chopper. Sorry but thats the breaks!!
  2. I is totally agree with you Price Chopper is bad place for people to go to work in. I mad at management for not reading employee manual too me so I no about my vacation time and the rules for getting it. I think that people who make subs is maybe the smartest people on the world and Price Chopper shuld respect that and pay people more. It don't sound like Carlo's is a good guy to work for and maybe he has a small weener to. Did he ever sexilly herass you because I work at Price Chopper to and my bosses Stev'e Gar'y and Mar'k always sexilly herass me to. They always want to stick broom sticks up my butt and Gar'y espeshaly because he likes to make smores and run around his office nakid yelling "Bam Bam". I dont think hes good management. You shuld come to my Pirce Chopper and be a better manager. I dont like Price Chopper maybe you shuld start a strike and we can all not go to wurk and do you think we will still get payed? O well if not we can always say they never told us how that wurked to. Ok have fun. Remember you are smart and can do good things and that will show Price Chopper good.

    ~Jeff Stupplebean
  4. When I started in PC it was great. I've been there a year and a half now, and I am about to walk out.
    Since I've started we've had 3 Store managers 3 store co-managers 3 deli managers and lots of issues. Our 1st set of managers were AWESOME! I loved working for them... but since they left it's been down hill.

    Recently I will say my manager Tammy screwed me over with vacation aswell. I am due 36.5 hours of vacation and 4 hours of personal. Last week I Was to be on vacation for 2 days 14 hours to be used. I got paid for 0. She admitted her fault, however they're saying they can't do anything about it to make up the backpay on vacation due to company policy.

    I'm calling the labor board tomorrow, and I'm not happy at all. I tried talking to our store manager who avoided me all day. I did get to talk to the store co-manager who said I'd have to talk to the manager to fix this issue. However I'm not going to wait around forever I need my money soon...
  5. i agree with really bad management at price chopper...i had been working for them for about 9 months part time when my boss approched me about becoming full time with a promotion to deli shift supervisor.......ok fine..considering i am also working full time at a home health care facility...i took on the challenge....2 months later he went on a 1 week vacation and never came back.....i also have been thru many staff changes due to poor management...i bust my butt 4 nights and a long shift 11:30am - 10:00pm on the week ends and all you get is sh*t...they don't acknowledge anything you do that is right just the screw ups....they had the nerve to send me home the other night because i was not in dress code....but when the store manager and his sidekick croanie spoke with me it was in the middle of the deli and in front of all my co workers...needless to say i put in a call to HR...and they were not happy...i will now consider demoting my self and cutting my hours back to part time status again...they are not worth it.....
  6. I totally agree that there are problems working for Price Chopper. I've worked for them for 6 years and really haven't had a problem until recently On of my co-workers is constantly making false allegations against me to management. She complains that I yell at her in front of customers, that I throw things at her and once I even chased her around with a knife!! It's funny but no one else that we work with has seen or heard any of this. But she whines and cries to the department manager and then says that I lie about what I did or did not do. Today she went crying to the dept. manager that I threw something at her. When I told the manager that it was not true she called me a liar and carried on like a 2 year old. We were both asked to go home. I left, but I am not happy about this situation and am planning on contacting human resources tomorrow morning as this situation cannot continue. I do not appreciate someone making false accusations against me to a department manager and then having to be penalized for something I did not do.
  7. I've worked at Price Chopper #111 in East Greenbush, New York, for two years now and I have to say the only real problem is our grocery department manager, Tim Alonzo. He acts like a two year old all the time. Something goes wrong and he flips.

    I was recently screwed over by the Vacation Savings. I had $20 a week taken out of my check every week for about 25-26 weeks. I had $520 saved up. I had been looking at a car to buy and told the salesman that I would have the money in two weeks and if he could hold the car for me. He said yes and I went to work and put in to stop my savings. When I first started this I had been told I would be able to stop it and get the money within a week should I need/want to. I had stopped it on a Friday and was told that I should have the money by that Thursday. I let the salesman of the car know that I would be there on that Friday to get it. Thursday came, no check! When I asked about it I was told it could take up to two weeks. When I talked to the salesman about what happened he said he couldn't hold the car any longer. It was sold that Monday. I was pissed. It was already marked down $1000 but the salesman said he may get an additional $500 off if he played his cards right with his supervisor.

    After a month I just got a cash advance and the week after that, what do you know, the check appeared. Because they already lost the money they want the check...

    Go figure.
  8. I developed and taught Customer Service for ten years, and I have worked in retail for approximately 20 years. Price Chopper has some good prices and some good specials, but the way they treat their emplyees is extremely questionable. If they had any idea about families, about validation for hard work, and for individuals who have high work ethics, they would realize how their poor management skills affect their bottom line. They throw out food, when it could be sent to a food pantry, or homeless shelter, they do not contribute to the community by thinking they are allowing for "shrinkage" of a product. This company should think about their treatment of their employees. The employees are customers too, internal customers, and by treating them with such inolence, with threats, and when someone works, becomes ill and has a Doctors written request that they not work with food, but still the employee is written up and put down, and demeaned, threatened,( management asked if the person wanted a demotion? PLEASE, do you want a slap in the face? );and insulted, it should be noted that their management skills are extremely questionable and they perhaps should look into their management training and become more professional and learn how to communicate, to validate and become more accustomed to having employees know what they do right, and perhaps be reminded that they are not slaves, they do have families and other lives other than Price Chopper. I will never shop there again and I have many friends that will certainly know of this disregard to human beings through harrassment and embarassment. Perhaps Oprah Winfrey would be interested in doing a show on the insolence of Price Chopper management to their staff. How can I let the world know? I will certainly make an effort? Your store management should be ashamed of themselves. I am embarrassed to have thought you were a decent business..?? How can you disregard people who are hard workers? How can you justify lack of communication? How can you be so blind to the fact a validated employee is a good employee who wants to continue to support the organization. Your business practices are truly diappointing..It is amazing how you have survived....and to the person who thinks this is complaining, perhaps you should go to work for Price Chopper and see how they treat you?
  9. To all people complaining about Price Chopper.

    First off I have worked for the compamy for eight years now. It is a good company to work for.. They do have issues with the hours and paychecks sometimes but they always make good on it..... It is not thier responsibility to read you the employee handbook. It is however, your responsibility to read the handbook and follow it to the rules accordingly. Also i work on night crew so its a little different than what goes n during the day, however is it is what you make it... Have you ever heard the saying "you made your bed now lye in it " ? Well that is how it goes in retail especially the grocery business. However when you "Shit the Bed" is lasts a lot longer than some places. I know customers can be tough to deal with but try dealing with being a manager in this area of business. Especially Adam who wrote about Mr Alonzo. First off Tim is a very good grocery manager. Maybe if you had a clue what he deals with you might understand why he flips out. In being a front end asosciate at a clerk status you really dont have a clue do you. There is pressure on every manager in any store. Especially East Greenbush #111. All you have to do is smile And run register get carts and make the customers happy. Thats it. Tim has to make things happen. He has to make the sales go and he is in charge of the vendor merchandising, the backroom, dairy,frozen And any other department in the store when he is running the store. Oh and by the way STOP PARKING IN THE FIRST FIVE SPOTS IN THE LOT!!! DAYTIME ASOSCIATES ARE TO PARK IN THE BACK OF THE LOT OR ON THE SIDE IF THE BUILDING.......

    For anyone else wo didn't like working for Price Chopper. It definatley isnt just for anyone and unfortuatley people do mix personal issues with work all the time in retail.... but if you didn't let it get that way it wouldnt happen. And yes the way managers deal with things sometimes are "if you want to leave............. leave"
    Its not rude we didnt twist your arm to work for the company you signed up... And what we hate the most is when someone says they dont want to be there repeatedly or that they are gonna quit then quit dammnittt.... i mean seriously everyone in retail is underpaid but thwe only way to make money in retail or grocery is to work for it.......


  10. stop singing on the front end you suck and will never be the next american idol
  11. Just a heads up to Price Chopper employees for furture reference. When you are leaving Price Chopper to go work for another company don't worry about giving the ethical 2 week notice. As soon as you give notice regardless of how much they proclaim to value you they will terminate you the same day you give notice. This is good if you have a flexible start date for your new job if not you are basically screwed for doing the "right" thing. They would rather work short handed and do an immediate termination than to allow you to work your two week notice. In this case it was a blessing and worked out perfectly as the new job was flexible in allowing a next day start day. This isn't an isolated case either this company has been rumored to be like this So don't beat yourself up over doing the right thing what's best for you and your family .....the company will be doing the same thing for their own intrest
  12. you got that right,they do have issues.they don't know how to treat there good employees.
  13. I've work for chopper for the last 6 yrs. I work in a different area of the store as most of you have replied. I am the scan coordinator, which at times is stressful, exhausting, but rewarding with a job well done...

    What I hear here is very sad, and ignorance is your biggest fault. You are expected to be in dress code or your sent home. You are expected to actually read the handbook yourselves--it's no ones responsibility to read anything for you. It is your responsibility to make sure you are paid correctly and you are also responsible to know who it is responsible for transmitting payroll every monday morning--co-mgr of store. It is your responsibity to communicate all your issues to your supervisor, if your supervisor can not resolve these issue than next in line is your store mgr, after that human resources--it's called ACT--addressing concerns together, it's in your handbook if you read it. so is vacation time, time status changes from pt to ft for your deli problem...sounds like you created your own drama by opening your mouth about your personal affairs at work. As for your availability--fulltime associates need open availablities....Sounds to me like your management team(as unprofessional as you make them sound) made a huge mistake selecting you for a full time position.

    Read your handbooks, fulltime associates after 30 days gets full medical, dental, vacation, personal time, yada yada, it's all in there....and I must say choppers medical insurance is the best by far(for fulltime)that I have found.

    This is all dumb, broom stick up the butt, sub makers the smartest ppl, thinking a doctors note excludes you from being written up if you are not there to fullfill your duties as worker, chasing fellow employees around with a knife??? I think you guys and girls have chopper confused w/ working in romper room.
  14. This message is for the employee who had negative comments regarding Mr. Alonzo. Stress has the negative side affect of bring out the worst in a person, that being said, it can also bring out the best as well. Tim was my first groc. Mgr upon being hired at PC in the mid 90's. I've seen him at his best and worst. The true messurement of any manager is how one handle things thrown at you without warning, which as a gro. mgr. he has to do store wide. As an asst gro. mgr i deal with all the same types of problems that he does and i can see why you dont like him. He is abrassive and at times a bit much, a good mgr none the less. As far as you judging him.....don't. You probably have no idea what a person in our position goes through on a daily basis, our challenges, responsiblities, ect. This is our livlyhood, it feeds our families, and pays our bills so our passion is well founded. Try having responsibilities like that sometime and then let me here about how you dont "like " your mgr. Point: dont judge without walking a mile in his shoes, and until then the members of Groc. Mgt. will keep picking up your slack until u quit.
  15. I have been with Price Chopper for almost 4 years now I work at the # 40 store I am thier full time cleaner .I have to say my boss Janice is the best .I am very lucky that she is my boss. My only thing that bothers me is the new shirts I have to wear. They are something that a man would wear and they never match my pants. Our co manager Tom works his a## off. and he really cares about our store. We just had our model store today and i know we will get it again. My boss must of thanked me 100 times for making it again. See thats what it is all about. So I have to say I like working for Price chopper the owner comes in and always says hi to me and knows me by name now thats cool.
  16. I work in store 202 under a waste named Frank Davidson.
    He is a mistake on the face of this earth.
    We had a great place to work when Mark was there, now we have an asshole
    who does things his way, we have no support from Human Resources or upper management. The job market suck's. If it was'nt so bad, Mr. Davidson
    would be standing alone.
    You can take 1 look at him and know exactly why he has his job and title.
  17. Its good to see that I'm not alone. I'm currently disgusted with my employment with Price Chopper. Quite sadly, I recall feeling so much pride when I first starting working for Price Chopper. Stocking shelves on overnight was low pressure and well paying. When I was offered to transfer to days, that was even better. Then I was offered the oppurtunity to take over their frozen foods department. Still only part time, I jumped at this. Not only did I love working frozen foods, but the oppurtunity to have my own little corner of the store to take pride in seemed like a real blessing.
    And it did work out very well at first. I was able to really turn that section around. I got the backroom organized well, and co workers noticed the results. There were some challenges, mostly things out of my control, but that first six months I was able to muscle through it. I recieved a great deal of positive feedback.
    Then, the entire management team changed. My hours were suddenly cut drastically. THis hurt not only my family but my overall performance. They never sent anyone over to work frozen product when I had a day off, and I lost an entire day to work backstock. Still, financially hurt I did the best I could to keep the department running. No one said anything negative about my productivity and all seemed well.
    After the Thanksgiving rush I took my paid vacation. I looked forward to having a week to just spend time with my family, rest, and hopefully come back energized and ready to return to work.
    The management team of hatred had other plans for me.
    I returned from a scheduled vacation to find that some of my co workers were upset with some problems regarding the department. The problems, which were appearance and product display related, stemmed from not only drastic cuts in my hours but from the heavy buisness brought on from the Thanksgiving Holiday. Upon returning, my shift and position were immediately threatened. I was told that I would probably lose the responsibility of heading up the Frozen Foods section of the store. I was also told that I would likely have to return to the overnight shift.
    Upon hearing this I was reasonably concerned. Fearing this potentially drastic change, I consulted my grocery manager. He confirmed that during my vacation he had noticed some issues with product allocation and overall appearance of the frozen aisles. I assured him that I would do everything in my power to rectify these problems and then asked about my future in the store. He assured me that I would not have to return to overnight unless it was my desire to do so. I was also granted the continuing responsibility of running frozen foods, given that I focus on fixing the allocations and display issues to the best of my ability. I expressed my gratitude for a second chance. Having 6 month old twins, having to return to night crew would cause serious stress in my family. Reassured, I returned to my position, confident and prepared to satisfy the needs of my management team.
    In the weeks that followed, I began to see my weekly hours slowly cut down. In the span of about three weeks, I went from an average of about 33 hours to 23 and a half. Desperately trying to juggle the frozen load with backstock, CGO issues and fixing allocations, my performance reasonably deteriorated. This was especially due to the fact that on my days off frozen product was rarely worked or blocked. Still, towards the end of January I was able to reallocate the majority of the entire department.
    Yesterday, Jan 28, 2010 I glanced at the following week's schedule, surprised to see that I had been put on all overnight shifts. No one had at any point discussed any of this with me, wheather it be the issues with my performance or this sudden change in my schedule. This kind of secretive activity is not the kind of process I've become familiar with while working for Price Chopper nearly a year and a half.
    However, the "One Vision" that the Golub company prides themselves on appears to only benefit the management team and coorporate employees. While managers may have quite a bit to deal with, I doubt very much that this type of thing would happen to them. I now have six month old twin girls that I fear I'll see now in a limited capacity. My managers knew that I needed this job and therefore pidgeonheld me to satisfy their needs and plans.
    I remember last summer the entire store was shown anti union propoganda, a one sided video which convinced us that if we had a problem at work we could take it up with our supervisor and it would be dealt with. Quite the contrary in my case. My shift and position were completely altered behind my back. No one discussed any of this with me. Had proper communication gone on, I likely would not be as bitter as I am today. However, the company which I once loved and respected has now become a center of dissilusionment and disgust for me. I encourage all who read to think twice before working at Payroll Chopper, the supermarket of ultimate hatred.
  18. I've worked with PC on two occasions. Each time the first month is a breeze and rather enjoyable. Then, without a warning, the diva's show up. Harassment from just being different, if your required to wear X type of clothing, yet the managers fav gets what they wish.

    This company its self has a problem with followup. I'm putting in today a Harassment Greivence, due to this "temp" manager whom does not want to even work at my store until we get a new night manager. I'm not 5, i've worked for companies that are able to buy PC twice over and take a loss, it'll never matter. My cognative function is miles above what i am required to do, yet for some reason i could put in 80 hours of labor and the only thing i'll get is a messed up check.

    In response to those favoring PC. You might have a bad experience, but from what i learned in Disney is the magic is still around for some people. For others, its daily system shock.

    Singlehandedly this company has put many people in the line of fire when it comes to saving their corporate butts. To go union would be a joke since most of the workers employ that mentality anyway. In the end, the only reason i've lasted this long is because i've been able to work well. The process of hiring is a roll of dice with a list of numbers. And if you get in their good graces you could take a dump in the middle of the aisle, but only get written up for it.

    Anyone who wants to work for PC should double think it, sure its hard to find jobs atm, but to get paid a pittance in exchange for your humanity is against the law. Follow the chain of command until you reach the need for a lawsuit. Then its either "David vs Goliath" or "I'll take unemployment"... Be careful, this company thinks its god and their zealots will let you know.
  19. I worked for price chopper for 5 years and for the first 4 I really had no serious complaints. I enjoyed my job and looked forward to seeing my fav customers. Recently new management as well as supervisors were brought in. The new manager and supervisor were well lets say very close and I soon began to notice favoritism going on . The supervisor and I did not get along which didnt bother me I understand when you work somewhere despite who you like and who you don't that the most important part was getting the job done. I worked almost eveyday, double shifts, overnights, and came in whenever they needed me. Employees knew if they needed a shift covered I would take it. I was highly invested in my job and worked my butt off for that company. I even helped out in other departments. On march 6 I was fired due to excessive tardiness which were all noted by this one supervisor. I never recieved any suspensions nor did I recieve any documented verbaal warning. I left quietly and turned to hr and act for help. They said they reviewed my file and that I would not be able to have my job back because everything was done correctly which I now know to be bull. Then I waited for my vacation hours to be sent to me. After working so many hours I recieved 65 hours of vacation time . When my check did not come in the mail that following week I called payroll and human resources. Both of which told me that my check WOULD BE COMING by the end of the next week. I waited and it never came. So I called again and again they told me it should be coming in the mail, I was even told this by the store I worked in hr specialist. After two more days I called again and asked to speak with the zone director of hr. I left a 2 messages for him and he returned my call I explained to him what happened and he then informed that I owuld NOT be recieving my pay for those hours due to a policy change in september of 2009. I am utterly disgusted at the morality of the people who work for this company. I was an excellent employee who loved being there. I did evrything for them and now after five years I get a thankyou and have a nice day. WOW! And to top it off this new policy was never even explained to any of the employees including supervisors. I printed out a copy of this policy and brought to my stores hr and they had never even seen it nor did my csm. Then the hr specialist in another store told me it was one persons job to post the policy in the break room. So I went back and asked that person who then told me that the other person was supposed to post it. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!??!?!!! It has now been almost a month and I have yet to see any hours of my pay. My advice is to NEVER EVER work for price chopper. They are extremely unfair and hide behind policies, and treat their employees like absolute crap. I have never been so angry and upset in my entire life. They really need to revise their mangaement and their selection of supervisors. Supervisors walk in late and recieve no documentation, one supervisor in particular does NOTHING but sit in the office and play with their phone while the employees are on the floor basically doing their job. HEY CORPORATE OPEN YOUR EYES AND DO YOUR JOB!!!! Oh and employees take your vacation pay now before they take that away from you too.
  20. Dont work at price chopper
  21. I am a grocery manager with pc. There is an unbelievable amount of work that has to get done at a grocery store for all departments, not just grocery. Management is hammered all day with issues. Yes we get stressed to the max. We are human, let he who is without sin cast the first stone when it come to anger and saying this that you don't mean. What defines a company is its policies and benefits. You will not find a grocer that has better benefits and fairer policies than ours.

    Get real, we are all humans. We are all spinning around this crazy world trying to breathe for another 24hrs. The majority of the managers mentioned in these posts are humans too, that make mistakes. Some are bad managers, and we are actively seeking to improve them. The day I don't have to deal with a bad teammate is the day you don't have to deal with a bad manager.

    Bottom line on the companies policies for dealing with issues is the ACT process. Read it understand it, I've never heard of a company who fights so hard to protect everyone including the part time clerk who works 4hrs per week. Any teammate has the right to bring thier case directly to the CEO of the company. No company does that.

    And as far as showing apreciation guilty as charged, we do our best though; Hence the 6 star program, you have any idea how many millions of dollars the 6 star program costs the company? I'll even use this opportunity to thank those teammates no longer working for us for your service. I'm sorry things went so sour, but please stop spreading malicious lies on the internet.

    To summarize Price Chopper is an excellent company, we unfortunetly have humans that work for us and they make mistakes. Price Chopper is honest and makes up for thier mistakes. It rewards its teammates with industry leading pay packages and benefits (compare for yourself). It offers job security and a method for insuring fairness and a comfortable non threating work environment with the ACT process. And we even try to make our teammates feel appreciated with the 6 star program. To me this is a winning company.
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  24. I've been with the company almost 2 years now, and have been stuck as a part time overnighter. I enjoy the overnights, so there is no complaint there, but i'm also not content to spin my wheels in that position for the rest of my life. In that time I have posted for 3 assistant NM spots and watched them get handed to people that were friends of the powers that be, and in one case promoted because it is cheaper to promote a fulltimer to ANM than it is to do so for a part timer. I've seen full time spots open up and get scarfed up by guys with more time in the company, but are significantly less competent than me. As PT overnighter I have continually outperformed everybody at the two stores i've worked in. I am under no illusions that I am the best in the company, but my balance of speed, neatness AND intelligence is rare. I've had the opportunity to work with some of the people that recieved the promotions I wanted. Some have no spine and can't get the night crew to do their jobs, others are just lazy and set a bad example for the crew. People that get the full time spots stock around 200-250 cases in an 8 hour shift, I have hit as high as 500-600 in the same time frame. I have continually shown my ability to complete the job, and under some circumstances even convince members of the crew that there are more efficient ways to work. I've done all this as a meager part timer, but because i don't brag, I don't undercut, and I don't have my managers on speed dial to talk about football I am cast to the side. I try to let the quality of my work speak for itself, i never asked for the little gold stars or pats on the back, because I don't care about that stuff, all I want is to be taken seriously when I try to apply my potential to more than simply PT. The company would run smoother as a whole if they stopped condoning inadequecy and recognized those who actually want to improve whatever department or store they are in.

    P.S. I'm still applying for those spots as they open, eventually they will pull their heads out of their a$$es and hire someone who is responsible and actually has goals that exist beyond next weeks paycheck.
  25. I was curious how many job insurance companies are out there for Railroad Employees. The coverage Im referring to in the insurance you pay for and collect when you get into trouble at work. I know of UTU, LECMPA, BRCF and CPA but are there any others?
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