My Bad Experiences With Price Chopper…grocery store employee

At first when I was hired at my job at Price Chopper I was so excited. To me $7.20 an hour sounded awesome. I started off in a grocery store working in the deli. My boss Lisa seemed real nice and easy to talk to. As time went on a got several nice raises. I really felt like I was climbing the ladder. When I confided in people who I thought was my friends at work on what was going on in my personal life they then used my personal information and used it against me just because I took my hubby back. One woman in particular treated me at first like a daughter. She helped me in so many ways. My friendships at work soon were ruined. People started snubbing me just cause I was back with hubby. My boss seen how I was struggling to pay for an apartment that was $625 a month. She offered to move me to the foodcourt and put me on fulltime. I got a $2.oo dollar raise moving to the foodcourt. Felt so ahead in life. I had several fall outs in my relationship with my hubby. I noticed my relationship with my boss Lisa started to turn ugly. My bussiness at work was spread all over. People at Price Chopper started treating me like cr@p. I cried oh so many times at work and home. I was temporarily full time for half a year. I was told you can only be temp full time for 3 months after that you should be changed to full time. Well seemed like I kept going to my boss Lisa to change my status to full time. Because they took so long I couldn’t get health insurance for my son or me. I almost quit over wanting my fulltime. They really took their sweet time just to change my status to full time on my paystub. June is when they finally changed me to fulltime which was a year after I worked there. At this time I heard my boss Lisa was leaving our store to be a manager at another store. So many people were deciding to leave to work where Lisa was going. With no food court manager really running the show people started getting more rude with me. I’m a quite nice person and to have people constantly on my @ss can drive anyone mad.

There was one day I was booked down with a ton of platter orders to do. I couldn’t do my cases in sub shop because my platter orders had to be done before 11am. I was in sub shop all by myself no one to help me. Dave a food court manager started giving me attitude as to why my cases weren’t being done. I tried to explain to him that platters come first and when they are all due before 11am I must do them before I take my lunch. He didn’t seem to give me much a chance to explain myself. To do platters involves making subs cutting them up in fours. Arranging them nicely on a platter and decorating it. I had wrap platters to do finger sandwiches to do and 2 foot subs. Its a hard job.

I’ve been trying to transfer out of this Price Chopper to another store for a month now. Seems like Dave the food court manager wasn’t getting back to the manager at the store I want to transfer at. Yesterday I spoke with Carlo’s the manager of the whole store. He at first broadcasted my bussiness out loud saying where I want to transfer too. I don’t want people at my work knowing where I want to go. Then people will want to go to where I want to transfer too. Talking with Carlo’s to me seemed like he was talking me out of leaving. I told him I have my reasons and I want to leave. I’m not sure if he was taking me serious.

Today was my worst day at work. They had messed up my schedule this week. I can’t work certain hours I have a little boy to care for plus I don’t drive how was I supposed to get home. I was promised my schedule would get fixed after all I had my hours availability written on paper that they had for months. Not like they didn’t know I couldn’t work certain hours on certain days. Today Dave said the schedule was fixed take a look. I looked well they sure never fixed my hours for tomorrow. I certainly can’t work past 2:30pm on a thursday, friday or sunday. My hubby has to leave for work those days and I must be home to watch my son. I told Dave this and he started to blow up. I heard him yell how he can’t run a department cause no one is here to work the hours here. You got several people on vacation and 1 worker who called in for the rest of the week cause she is in the hospital. Seeing Dave blow up made me feel bad and uncomfortable. I tried keeping it together without crying. After 10 minutes of Daves blowup he started laughing and joking with other coworkers. How can you blowup one minute with me and the next laugh with other coworkers. That makes me mad.

Then in sub shop I started to cut some roast beef to make certified best subs. Karen a co worker started saying “Oh I already cut up some roast beef” in a rudely way. I could see her talking bad about me to her friend on the other side of the counter. I told her I didn’t see no roast beef thats why I cut some. As I got back to subshop Karen said “Oh I’m sorry I snapped at you”. I just then had enough. Everytime I make a small mistake at work everyone makes a big deal out of it. They keep going on making me feel real bad. I would have to say 50% of the conversation at work is about negative stuff about me. I never felt so useless like the way they treat me. I then punched out of work today and said I quit. I even talked to Carlos the store manager. He didn’t even give me a full minute to explain what was going on. He rushed me out of his office saying if you want to leave then leave rudely. As I got outside I heard him yell at a worker to give him the broom. He was yelling about how a mess outside wasn’t being swept. He doesn’t treat his workers right and I’m a victim of that.

I put over a year of hard work in this company. I gave up breaks just to get my work done. I think I’m a dam good worker. They all treated me like I wasn’t doing my job good enough. I never felt so emotional drained. I’ve been crying all day. I feel like I just finished building a house and someone just destroyed all my hard work. I’m left with emotional scars. It will take time for me to heal.

Then today I went to pick up my paycheck. I had tooken a 40 hour vacation last week. Well they had no check for me today. We got payroll involved and everything. They said when I turned full time on June 27th I was supposed to take my vacation 6 months after that date. My manager should of explained this to me because I wouldn’t of went on vacation if I knew I wouldn’t get paid for it. Here my manager helped me put my vacation in knowing that they had me full time temp for half a year and I just got switched to full time. I feel Price Chopper made their mistake by not informing me on the rules of a vacation. Now I have no paycheck this week and I’m mad.

Price Chopper took their sweet time making me fulltime, messed up my checks so many times oweing me money and handled things unprofessionally. I will never work for them again.