McDonald’s!! I’m Hating It….Mcdonalds worker

Ever since the new campaign for McDonald’s came out… my new saying is this:
”McDonald’s!! I’m Hating It”

Ok kiddies, what I’m about to tell you is either true or my opinion, and I think you will know the difference between them. When I get done with this, not only will you not want to work at McDonald’s you will probably not want to eat their ever again.

Let me just say how crooked, low life’s this company is… and I mean the franchisees and the corp., that when I found this website, I just had to write about the golden arches!
Ok, so its true that maybe some McDonalds out there are not so bad, but in southern California, this is definitely not the case!

When I was 17, I was in high school and really needed a job, so I applied in different places, and I didn’t want to go to McDonalds from the beginning but I was getting desperate as no one would hire me because I was a minor. Ok, so I was hired at McDonald’s. During the time that I was cashier, it was actually ok, I went in, did about 5 hours, all that I needed at the time. The managers all yelled, always complaining about how labor was too high sending people home, and most of the managers were girls, except for like one guy, and for the 2 years that Ive been working here ive only seen 1 guy manager. When I turned 18 that year, I asked to have the day off for my birthday and they denied it, they immediately put me to close (which was when you have to stay until like 1:30 in the morning, ON MY BIRTHDAY… I was pissed off, but they said that since I was 18 I was allowed to stay, “oh I guess the government says im allowed to stay”, what about me! After that they put me on the grill, which was where you made the food. The food at this restaurant was bad, I mean really bad, we really had to hurry to make the food, and if we didn’t make the food by 35 seconds, the managers would complain to us, which would be all the time. Why do you think the hamburgers don’t look like the pictures on the menu… because we just throw them together and when we have secret shoppers, they grade our restaurants, for the ugly food and our ugly lobby, and bad customer service. And everyone gets yelled at for it for everything, what do the people who make the food have anything to do with the lobby being clean? No one washes their hands and they touch dirty surfaces and go back to making food right away. At this McDonalds you will often find the managers chatting, while the crew is working, and when something goes wrong, or the drive thru line gets packed, they get all angry, but then their dumb asses don’t realize that they are supposed to be supervising. In fact, I got yelled at a bunch of times because they kept forgetting to give me 10 minute breaks, (which is supposed to be their job right?) they said that they will pay the breaks back to me, which they never do, they always say, what do you mean, we don’t owe you anything!

This is where it gets worse, At McDonalds there are timed cabinets that tell us when we are supposed to throw away food, well, guess what, do we throw anything away, no, the managers look at the food, and say well, its still good enough to eat, let it sit there a little longer… At night especially, and i can say that is true of ALL McDonalds, the floor will be messy, and food will be on the ground all over the place.. the burgers look WORSE than what they look like during the day. Most of the crew is Mexican, except for like 2 Asians, and a couple of them don’t even speak English, so guess what they do? Wash dishes, and make food, and some of them work at 12 am to 8 am just cleaning, for like 8.00 an hour, which may I say is horrible work, for all the grease they have to clean up. Nothing personal, but the ones that cant speak English are really old, and they work on the food, once I saw a old lady with nails that were really dirty and really long, and I told a manager, and they did nothing about it, because she might quit and they need people to wash dishes and make food at 11:30 at night.

Ever notice that at night, McDonalds take hell longer than during the day? Because the managers send almost everyone home to save labor, so there is only 1 or 2 managers and like 3 crew members, who do all the work (cheap asses). At night they will use one person to do all the dishes, if you ever saw the size of that mountain of dishes you would faint…! Usually they always use older people and minority’s, all the time that ive been there, ALWAYS it’s the same person washing dishes from like 7 PM to like 12 AM, I swear it.

After a while they taught me how to clean the grills, where the food is made, and OMG, the grease that comes out of there is SO NASTY, that you would throw up if you saw it, which I almost did when I saw it for the first time, if you don’t believe me or you want to see for yourself, go to a McDonalds and sneak into the area where they keep their dumpsters, and they should have a barrel, either black or dark green with a loose lid, and look inside of it, and you will see exactly what comes out of the food you EAT. If you can find it, try another store, some stores keep their grease barrel locked up, or don’t use one.

At a new store where I was transferred, they always have something expired and the managers always have to be told when something is expired or else we keep selling it. For example, once I saw a box of our new Milk jugs being expired, and my manager told me to mix the milk in a bucket with our shake mix and pour it into the ice cream machine and the shake machine.

By this time you are wondering, well how does this guy know that all of this happens in all McDonalds, because I work at THREE different ones, count them 3, and the same shit happens in all 3 of them, that’s how (well, maybe there are some exceptions, but ive seen the same thing no matter where I go).

The worst part is was at my first McDonalds, when I actually had the “McDonalds spirit”, they sort of liked me at that restaurant, but still, I didn’t want to work there anymore, I applied at some places, and then a swing manager and a crew person told me that when other people call for references, that the head manager will give bad references so that you wont be hired, and will stay to work there, since they always have people going in and out. Well, at least that’s what I heard. So I decided to go to another McDonalds, and they DOCKED MY PAY, I was making like 7.00 dollars an hour and they paid me at 6.75 again, CHEAP SKATES, and this was for the same owner.

One of the worst things that I hate is how McDonalds uses their stupid propaganda to make you work harder. If you are making the minimum pay, do you really care about smiles and fast service, and customers being happy so they come back? NO, you just want your pay, the crew doesn’t benefit for SHIT, and all it does is try to make you feel better about working harder for the same amount of pay. They made me wear a big o’ sticker on my shirt that says that IM loving, which I wasn’t, to make it look like we were happy, but the truth was I couldn’t stand to be there. There really is more i want to say, but by this time you probably get the point.

So now ever since, I NEVER eat at any McDonalds, because its stupid as hell, I hate their stupid cooperation, and their im loving campaign has me fed up.