I’ve finally had enough!…Older Mcdonalds Worker

I am an older Mcdonalds crew member of almost 2 years. I’m also the oldest person there, 56. I’ve turned down Shift Mngr. job 6 times because of what they pay, $6 for shift mngrs and $5.15 to start for crew.

I was just given a raise to $5.90 on Friday only because I saif that I was quitting. If I’m good enough for a raise now, why couldn’t they pay that before? How can someone live off of that?

Like another poster, I didn’t even have to finish an application, was hired on the spot by the Manager at the time. It seems like we are always understaffed or just have people that don’t want to work. I have been Employee of the month twice in 1 year and Employee of the year, last year, because I bust my butt!

I’ve finally had enough of the “I need, I need”. The hell with what they need. Did they ever have any concern with what I needed? So, today was my last day. I walked out at 11a.m., just at lunch time. Let them figure out how to do without help. I’ve certainly done enough, many times. There is so much more, but the other posters have said it all.