love nursing and always will!…nurse

I have read some of the stories about nursing and it just sickens me to hear people complain so much! Obviously, not everyone is fit for this profession, so why don’t you think about it for a moment before you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life?

I am originaly from Europe, and doing my upgrading at the time, so I can work as a nurse in Canada. I have been having such a great time, in school and in the hospital. This job gives me a satisfaction that I cannot find anywhere else!

I actually get to use my gray matter, think critically and make appropriate decisions. I couldn;t have said the same thing about a job I had had before.

To all the people who are not satisfied with this job, please leave, before your lack of interest causes you to make a major mistake. Remember, you are dealing with human beings and their lives, and they deserve better than just someone standing over them just because they have to, without an empathy and understanding!