sick of foreigners ruining my american dream….work with numbers

Hmm..Without giving too much away, lets just say I work with numbers and a bunch of Colombians. I don’t give a shit what my co-workers are but god dammit man, they’re almost all women and they are drivin’ me nuts.

I am from the west coast, never met a cuban or a colombian or a hatian for that matter. I know mexicans, chinese, korean, vietnames, but never this east coast shit. It blew my mind and still does that every black person I meet has an accent, speaks french.

What the fuck–where are the american black people, fuckin A,where are the americans, what the fuck is this shit. Anyway I am quitting my job in a month. fuck it ya know,florida ain’t for me.

My boss is an idiot and i really mean that, the guys dumb, There are so many improvements he could do to the process of work that would streamline the procedures making everything easier, faster, thus improving productivity and definetly creating a much higher revenue while cutting down on hours worked or to the company spending less and making more.

Oh shit trust me , I ‘ ve tried to gently steer his thick head in a good direction but its no use. What am I going to do–tell the boss how to run his company? Shit–I got bills to pay just like the next man or in my case illegal immigrant.

I know what your thinking, No. I love america and I could give two shits if your here illegally, I don’t care cause the fact is every natural born american reading this (thank you, you two)is fucking lucky as all hell to of been born an american myself sure as fuck included. Lucky. If the rest of your life is shit, you still don’t have much to complain about cause’ there are a couple billion people out there who don’t even have the chance for your shitty life. So stop reading this if your offended and fuck off, cause I am just a broke pissed off fuckin’ Y T that just don’t give a fuck about the american dream anymore.

Actually I got to get back to work so take it mellow.mellow.