A Retired Nurse Manager’s Sad But True Story

I worked in a City Hospital for 43 years.  One day this passed April me and 2 other nurses under me where called to the boss’ office and told we no longer had a job the hospital was losing so much money that we had to be let go and will be replaced by medicine tech’s. Now isn’t that a slap in the face. Then we were escorted out like criminals.  Any monkey can learn to give medications but does that monkey know what to look for, what side effects what to teach the patient.  I wonder about health care today.  I just was so hurt and devastated I retired . Why devote your self to a place that never appreciated what you did, none of us got a Thank you!! Discussed with nursing now even though I loved being a nurse . So when you are sick and have to go to a hospital make sure you know who is caring for you and your family members scary !!