few hours and minimum wage….AMC Theatres employee

Do not EVER work at AMC Theatres! Oh my gawd… what can I say/where to begin.

Let’s start off by saying AMC is cheap. If you’re looking for a career, I recommend finding another job. These cheap bastards start you off with part-time work; anywhere from 1-5 days per week and each day isn’t even full time, unless you work over-time! The pay is always started at minimum wage, you get not many hours let alone days per week, and the work is fucking BULLSHIT when working concession stands.

Know what Closing is? It’s when you take 1-3 hours alone closing an entire concession stand doing hard labor work :-) How wonderful! Yes, and if you’re lucky you’ll get help from other employees… that’s if your AMC isn’t too FUCKING CHEAP to run a schedule where they can hire people.

Seriously, just don’t get a job at AMC or any other theatre, really, unless you know for sure you can get your hours and don’t have to put up with short staff. This job is serious shit for minimum wage.