Marketing & PR…travelling and working 5 hours a week..Wow!

I am a Marcom (marketing and communication) …specialist?  My job title is PR
& sales. I work in a team of people and together we provide sales departments with
marketing material in order to support them. I used to work in Munich, but now I travel
around the world to make sure that <pause to think>…it’s basically looking for
feedback…improving communication…yeah…and again providing support, any which way we

I got my job through a friend who did a placement there before and found a secretarial
job through their intranet and my future boss was so impressed with me (he had to refuse
the initial job cuz I wasn’t qualified for secretarial positions… couldn’t write letters
in German) so he got me an upcoming job in the marcom group. Turns out that we worked
together really well but this past year I’ve been getting itchy feet and I wanted to take
this around the world trip.

My boss is great…he’s good to me…too good to me…sometimes he gives me more credit
that I deserve. I made a joke of being a tele worker and it turned out that my trip fit
into one of his projects and at the moment we are doing a pilot project where I’m visiting
the companies in Brazil and Argentina. Basically the same job, but making sure that the
things I’ve been doing at HQ have reached the local companies (intranet pages, trade fair
materials, assisting in Marcom strategy, applying the cultural necessities to work since
we in Germany don’t have the cultural knowledge).

I’ve worked there for 2 years and my previous job did make me happy. but I still felt
like I had to do something different though, and the strategies ran over 3 years and I
didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere….the position I have now is brilliant as I’m
doing much more, travelling, getting much more responsibility…it’s my dream job
basically now. I can’t think of anything that bothers me…the only thing that is bad is
being lazy as a traveller…I need twice the effort to make me do things. but it does give
me more energy.

I’m only working 5 hours a week…which makes 35 days a year. Very flexible for such a
big company. I think of quiting because I don’t want to go back to Munich…because I’ve
seen that, done that, bought the tshirt…I want to move on.

I’ll probably stay somewhere once I find a man, or a group of people I want to stay
with…but as long as I’m single, why should I stay anywhere. I’m gonna settle down
someday so why should I not travel now. I’ve got this carpe diem attitude now. There are
so many people who don’t live their lives to the fullest and I need to fight against it.
In 5 years, I’ll be 30…I suppose I’ll have to make a decision whether to have a family
or not…I don’t know what I’ll be doing…but at the age of 30 you’ll have to decide…or
even have a kid…all my life I’ve said I don’t want a kid but maybe something will change
my mind. In 30 years, god…if I’m not dead, hopefully….how old will I be?
50….hoepfully surrounded by people I love.