The golden arches are as kind as a nazi concentration camp……McDonald’s hidden secrets.

Well, where do I begin. I’m going to get right to the point.

The owner of my store, has ‘forgotten’ to pay some of his bills and companies have been calling to inquire further about this. He’s become very cheap, and has fired the cleaning ladies and says ‘ok, the overnight people can do it now.’ Like we have any time to do it working 11pm-7am. Because we are working non-stop on our 8 hour shift, we can’t take a break. The closest thing we get to a break is cleaning the entire store. Regardless, 50min is taken out of our entire working time to accomidate for a break that we didn’t take. This is bullshit. We no longer get paid breaks (but our wages went up according to how much we worked the previous 8 weeks… I went from $6.70CND to $7.23), but we are required by law to get paid breaks. The head manager of our store schedules the managers completely shitty, against what they ask and say they can or cannot work. The head manager books himself off for weeks, or will only show up for 3 hours and stil get paid for the full 8 hours.
I needed some more change for my till and kindly asked my one manager. She said ‘yeah in a bit get back to work’. I asked her one or two times again over the next little while, and 90min after the first time, she said ‘don’t raise your voice to me, go get to work.’ A crew trainer had to eventually go get my change for me. Managers choose sides, and harass some of the female employees. Managers steal from the safe, employees steal from the tills… man, don’t work here. Ever. I’ve been waiting for my 6 month review, and I’ve been working for 8 months now, and no sign of it.
The golden arches are as kind as a nazi concentration camp.