Under paid and Under appreciated Nurses

I really hate nursing. I have done everything at one time or another in my 20 years on the job. I did 2 years med-surg. I did 8 years ICU/CVICU. I did 7 years as a DON for nursing homes. Then 1 year again in ICU. Then the last 2 years here coordinating medical care for kids. I can tell you that I am sick of this job.

Nurses are so under appreciated and under paid. I was a police officer before this and in the marine corp before and how I got into nursing I don’t know. I really felt like it was a calling but later found out that we are the wheels on the monster truck that is health care. Doctors are always right and the nurses are always wrong. If something happens to the patient, the first person that gets looked at is the nurse. I know of a doctor that was shooting up heroin and he is still practicing no problems, good lawyer I guess. I know of a nurse who was addicted to her prescribed vicodin and she is fighting like hell to keep her license.

Nurses don’t have the $$$$ to fight off the Board of Nurses. The board of nurses is a purely punitive organization that does nothing to help promote and help nurses in trouble. All they want to do is get rid of them and throw them away even though the nurses they do this to give their entire lives to nursing. One mistake and it is fuck you get out of here, you are not safe to practice. I just don’t get it. The only thing I can think of is that nursing is in the same boat as teaching.

Any field dominated by women has a hard time moving forward as a group cause we are always trying to talk bad and fuck with the new people in our career. What a bummer but I wish we as nurses would wise up like they did in California and unionize so we can start helping ourselves. But we can’t if we keep fighting with ourselves.

I would love to shout out to all the nurses out there and tell to wake up. heaven is just around the corner for us but we have to stand together as a group and strike if we need to so we can get what we need and want. If you are one that thinks unions and strikes are crazy.

Take this one thing into account. ┬áThe drivers at UPS make more money than nurses do and have no real education. Do you want to know why??? Cause they stood together and went on strike. Now they make more money than we do. Have better benefits. That is what a union does for you. I hope one day we wise up as nurses and get whats coming to us. Better pay, better benefits, better working environment… If we could get all this, imagine how good patient care would be then… Think about it…