Story of My Life-Working at McDonalds

It’s not August and I started working at McDonalds since February. Of course! I’m a girl, a short, asian one. I’m only 15 but turning 16 in December. Okay so, first thing first- I work at the back in the kitchen. Yes, a 144cm tall Asian girl works in the kitchen, SO WHAT?!?!?! I’m just proving to everyone that Maccas is not being sexist and that a small girl like me can do anything! LOL C:

But like yeah, anywayyyy… I’m planning to try and work at the front counter one day. But the thing is, I suck at counting money and I’m really “slow” (NOT THAT I HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT). So, one day…I’m going to ask a manager or a crew trainer to teach me how to work at the front!

So…is working in the kitchen hard?  Well it’s alright, I guess. I mean, obviously I’m a small and underweight girl but I can sure “grill” and “drop deep-fry” and make some basic burgers! :D But honestly, …working in the kitchen is very hard and complicated and confusing :(   Like I said, I’m “slow” and I have a short-term memory :( sucks to be me, yeah? -sigh-