kitchen Job at McDonalds… Not What it seems

I started working at Mcdonalds last November, and at first it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I began working in the kitchen. I didn’t get any training, but pretty much thrown into an ocean of confusion. But it wasn’t hard so I caught on pretty quick.

Then it went sour, sickly, sickly sour.  I’ve always been one of those employee’s where I wouldn’t mind staying over or coming in when they called me. But it got ridiculous, they would call me every day, and then complain at me when I’d hit over 40 hours. I’ve never gotten written up before, and when I did, it was because I said we shouldn’t be serving bad product (I mean, absurdly out of date product).  They treat people with such disrespect that it’s unreal, we’re not 3 and we don’t need to be talked to like we are. I’m a person of average i.q., so come on now.

They don’t want you to call in sick, even when you’re throwing up, can’t get out of bed. And when you do, guess what, you get written up and they tell you that “you have one more time before you’re going to have to find a different job.   “You get sick of getting screamed at by the managers.  Or at least, I do.

If you don’t have a problem with being disrespected, looked down on, your higher ups yelling at you, being taken advantage of, and an all around crappy time.   Go work at Mcdonalds.   Other than that, I WOULD NOT go there.