Chief Cashier Retail Job Sucks…Big Time!

I’m working in a high standard retail department store for almost 1 year as a chief cashier and i have BA in finance. Most things suck is working time. For example whenever my work time exceed 8 hours which is OT, will be granted if I make another 1 hour, less than 1 hour will NEVER and NOT get extra payment, so unfair.  What about off-day? 5 times per week and not allowed in weekend.  Life is starting to suck, no time for gf and family… And even a lot public holidays also aren’t entitled….wtf!

What about work shift?  Their morning, afternoon, and full shift make my life miserable.  And let us not forget to mention the customers.  In 100% customers, more than 60% are rude because they are rich or they think they are kings and want store staffs to wipe up their butt or they are just modern barbarian for the 21st century or naturally rude, and the retail say how rude, how angry the customers are, we still need to smile, don’t argue with them, let them win, let us satisfy them.  It would be pathetic  when confronting mad customers with fake smile.

What about regulations? lol..  My company’s regulations are too much to follow, from my observations, retail is taking  advantage of their employees especially in working hours and regulations. How could strict silly regulations SOP’s to employees not even equal to salary.

Salary in retail sucks!