List of my Hellish Jobs.. from Hunt Corporation to Lonestar Steakhouse

I forgot in my last story to make a list of the jobs i have had and explain why they sucked so here goes.  But before I begin I want to explain one fucking important thing. Working in any field or job nowadays is becoming a useless endeavor because the people who run the place spend their time trying to prove they’re smarter, more respected, and better paid than you are even though they do less! the jobs are becoming unbearable nowadays because of a lack of willingness to train, lack of human decency, and the fact that wherever you turn to nowadays it is bare minimum pay, working with people who have bare-minimum souls, and they literally work you so horrendously or treat you so horrendously that you end up hating your life. Here is my list of the past 12 years jobs i had, what i did, what i got paid, and how shitty i was treated and yet still i’m sure some asshole will have something negative to say. WELL FUCK YOU!

I WORKED at Hunt Corporation at 23 making 8 an hr stapling paper with staplers until they broke, I got laid off in six months  worked at red lobster making salads, dressing food, making sweet tea, and having to please 8 asshole servers all for the wonderful 7.50 an hr.  Later, I worked at quality packaging making crates and pallets in the dead of winter with no heat and in in summer just fans, lifting 75 lbs making $9 an hr while the manager made 1 million in one year of his 30 years in business. One man worked there and made 10 an hr for 10 years whereas the owner had 2 trucks, a house in his hometown and a vacation house on the beach. The guy who made 10 an hr lived in a dilapidated trailer with a rusted out refridge and no ac with wooden floorboards peeling up. The job went under in the following 2 years worked at Arbys making $8 dollars making sandwiches lasted 6 months.

I worked at accuma corporation where I was told “thats Neil he just got out of prison and he doesn’t like you” “my wife has perky nipples would you care to come to my house” and my personal fave(facetious)” I would never let a black man come into my house ” I worked there 2 months and when I walked out the temp agency said everyone else left after 2 WEEKS!! I was put on 4 machines the 2nd day of working and and had to inspect, do paperwork, make boxes etc. when I couldn’t keep up the managers stood there and watched me and didn’t offer to get anyone to help me at all. i made $9 at that job in the land of the free.

Worked at a car motor plant called asmo. worked there for 2 years and eventually made 14 an hr. the problem was being harassed every second by asshole bosses who wanted you to sweat or else!! i spent 11 hrs doing my job and got yelled at for not signing my name in between the lines!!! Here I am 28 years old and i’m getting blessed out for signing my name in blank space??? wtf!! I left and told the guy that if my father would have been smart and joined the mafia years back that I wouldn’t gain any more pleasure out of this life than strangling him with piano wire. Worked at Kewaunee working with piping hot resin in the dead of winter freezing to death and bored out of my mind doing 12 hr shifts at night for 11 dollars, got laid off in 4 months.

Worked at Southern States lifting fertilizer bags at night for 12 hrs making 9 an hr and working with an ex-crip who had come from California and was “hiding out” in nc, his friend that I worked with was a crack addict *not joking* I ended up getting laid off in 2 months but they kept the crip and mr crackhead.  Then, I worked at a place called pactive for 2 months until they put me on a job walking around 14 miles a day moving materials around in a non ac warehouse making 9 an hr.  But this all leads to my personal favorite— Lonestar steakhouse.  I apply to be a dish guy because i hate people and want to be left alone. Well they put me on salads. The first day I come in I get yelled at for being 15 minutes early??!! than I spend 2 days “getting trained” aka “watching someone else quickly do their job with no input or explanation on how to do the job” and then they leave me on my own the next day!!  So I have 8 servers getting pissed because I don’t have 8 salads and 5 desserts figured out?? So I go on Internet and learn myself. I’m making 8 by the way. I lasted 2 months. Well i get told a month after learning salad that they want me to do fry and i say ok thinking they will train me. THEY DON’T THEY JUST TELL ME TO DO IT. I HAVE TO AUTOMATICALLY KNOW HOW TO DO EVERY APPETIZER, SOUP ETC!!! So i get mad and the manager comes and says that I can be dish guy. Well I feel free until the next day when I find out that he wants me to “do dishes, mop the entire restaurant, clean the bathrooms, sweep the entire parking lot, do food prep,take out trash, AND if I finish early to ‘help’ with salad too!! So I have 5 fucking jobs and am making 8.50. Well he calls me in one day and tells me I’m supposed to be there even though it’s my off day.

I come in and get ragged at and I finish doing salads and I did a good job and I end up helping the dish guy with his dishes and he leaves an hr early. so I expect to leave and then I get a girl telling me I was supposed to clean the fry station and to “never leave her hanging like that again” I was never told to do fry station and I never had done it before!!! so I ended up working till 1:15 that night and was later told that bill called me because he let the fry guy leave early and had nobody to take his place!! I WASN’T SCHEDULED AFTER ALL!!! JUST LIKE I SAID!!! SO I TOLD THEM THEY COULD ALL GO TO HELL AND I WALKED OUT AND NEVER CAME BACK. WELCOME TO THE NEW SLAVE ECONOMY..WELCOME TO AMERICA!!! UNTIL WE REVOLT EXPECT NOTHING LESS. YOU HAVE TO FUCK WITH THESE ASSHOLES AND FORCE THEM TO SHOW YOU RESPECT OTHERWISE THEY TRY TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE AS THEY PLAY MINDGAMES 24/7 AND MAKE YOU JUMP THROUGH COUNTLESS HOOPS. FUCKING PRICKS.