Dismissed from my LPN Duties without Warning

I’ve been an LPN for 3.5 years. In this time, I have learned that the people we entrust our loved ones to are the biggest hypocrites. We are taught to cause no harm, yet for the most part many of the nurses I have come across would put a knife in many people’s backs. I have been told I am to nice and naive. I have a great passion for people and believe that you treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Every patient’s life I touched, my main goal is to make a difference. I worked for a nursing home, got a review (which the DON said I was doing a good job) a raise, and the next week I was fired for getting advise from the on duty RN and not the DON who left early to serve at community supper. I got orders from a Dr. to transfer a patient to the ER for an INR. And then, was asked if we did venous protimes. I asked the RN, she said we don’t transfer patients to ER for INR’s we have no one to take it there. Dr. ordered Vit k oral. With 2 nurses looking, we only had IMs, and had to call dr. back to get IM order. I was fired for not transporting patient to Er, not following doctor’s orders. They wrote me up told me I was suspended for 3 days. I asked them when? ¬†They didn’t know when it was convenient on the schedule. They had me work the weekend of course as an aid,then, the next day I worked which was a Tuesday.

I was informed of a write up on areas on the mars and tars. When asked when this was for DON said the month before. So, they were just looking for something to get rid of me for. If what I did was so detrimental why wait for suspension? It should have been then and there. How can someone tell you you are doing a good job. Then 4 days later fired you? Lesson learned trust no one DOCUMENT,DOCUMENT,DOCUMENT!!