Applebees Work Hours Made me Quit

I started working at the Applebees in Wisconsin Rapids in October. When I was hired I was told I was going to be a bartender, but on my first day they trained me as a server. I asked the manager about this and she said its because the bartenders serve food and they wanted me to start out by serving so I knew the menu better.

Servers in WI make 2.33 an hour. And Applebees makes you claim all of your tips. My paychecks were 0.00 after taxes were taken out (talk about awful).

Wisconsin Rapids is a very small town. For some reason Applebees requires at least 7 servers every shift. Even on Sundays and Mondays, you would have a 4 table section. You might get sat 3 tables before you get sent home. (If your lucky you might leave with 20.00)

I was also on a weekly basis told that I could not pick up any hours or I would be in overtime. I never went over 20 hours a week (apparently 20 hours is overtime to Applebees)

Applebees does customer surveys. I never had a bad survey done on me. In fact I had about 3 surveys done on me a week saying how great of a job I had done! (Still I recieved minimum hours and still did not get to learn the bar)

Now lets talk about my coworkers. The full time servers and bartenders all had a certain look to them anyone couldn’t help but miss. Thin, tall, fake tans, lots of makeup (you get the point). They would stand around and flirt with the cooks during busy hours. Also texting or talking on cell phones in the dining room (yes talking!). This affected my tips because the guests could see these girls/boys standing around and they assumed I also did this.

3 months passed, I’m still serving. A new girl gets hired. The first day she worked she actually plugged her phone in so she could continue talking on it during her shift. I could not help notice her schedule was 35 hours. About 17 more hours than mine. Of course she is the typical full time look. Don t get me wrong she was a pretty girl, but her work ethic was terrible. After her 3rd day the manager asked her to get her bartending license so she could train in the bar.

I asked the manager (btw this was the General Manager) if I could also learn the bar. I already had my license. He then told me that I was too short to learn the bar! I am not joking. Yes I am only 4″10. But are you serious?

I starting looking for another job. Considering I was not making enough money to pay any of my bills.

Also, the proper uniform for Applebees Is black DRESS PANTS and a BLACK POLO. Weird how the girls were allowed to wear tight yoga pants and vneck shirts that showed the goodies. I soon found out why.. by seeing my General Manager out with one of these girls making out/touching each other.

Needless to say, I quit. I am a great worker. I hope people do not take this as I was being jealous. This was way beyond jealously. I am also a gorgous girl and i am an excellent employee. There was no reason why I should have not been offered full time.

Applebees sucks.