McDonald’s Cashier Job..Not Enough Credit, Training or Money

I’m fifteen and in the 10th grade. When I started working at McDonald’s I was thrown on the front register with nobody else up there to help me, the A. Manager didn’t train me and every time I asked her a question she rolled her eyes did it with no explanation and walked away. Nobody was helping me. There was one person working on the grill, me, and the A. Manager who was sitting on her ass at her desk playing games on her phone. Two days later I got warned for pressing the void button too many times, and told if I do it anymore that I would be written up. If I’m not trained then how the hell do you expect me to not mess up?

The cash registers (we have touch) are relatively easy to read. Although, the screen spazzes out sometimes, like one day I clicked a medium fry and it clicked a medium coffee. Then sometimes the screens freeze up. The small, medium, and large sweet/unsweet teas and coffees are all one dollar but there are two buttons for each. One button you press for the meal and one w/o the meal. If you press the on w/ the meal when there is no meal then the coffee/tea will be $1.49 instead of $1.00. I personally think there should only be one button for each as it would be less confusing. We have 4 managers that work in the store and all of them sit on their ass 99% of the time but yell at anyone else that isn’t constantly busting their ass. We constantly have customers coming in ordering medium meals and then after they pay for it they say that they should get a large fry and drink and that we’re wrong (scamming) and I cannot stand it. I am not stupid, I have straight As, go to school full time, and work 20+ hours a week. There’s not really a right thing to do in this situation, you will make somebody upset either way. All the managers and crew members make themselves drinks and food whenever they want (for free). Managers give their friends free meals. I have never witnessed a crew member doing so. Many crew members are constantly calling out but never get written up. I am usually scheduled for one day a week but get called in 5-6 days a week. The schedule is VERY unorganized.

The headsets for drive-thru are HORRIBLE, 70% of the time you can only hear bits and pieces of what the person is saying. I think our store could spark $100 for new headsets? The customer gets irritated with you over you not hearing them and you feel stupid. Also, the drive-thru is in the manager area and they are usually blasting music on their smartphone and having a conversation with someone and therefore you cannot hear your customer over the crappy headset. When you work drive-thru you have to take orders with the crappy headset, take money, and get the food/prepare the food. When you get a call you have to drop everything you’re doing. If the order is not up and someone else is behind them you have to park them. You are usually doing 3 things at once and listening to 3 people at once. The managers tell you to take the order off the screen due to time then yell at you because “you don’t have the right order ready” when you do. One time my manager made me ask the person in drive thru what is order was and it turned out I was right. The managers don’t let you do your job while you’re in drive thru because they are constantly yelling at you over nothing. I have to constantly have customers repeat their orders because I am only human and only have two ears, one mouth, and one brain to process things and the managers don’t give a shit and don’t just let you do your damn job.

With these demands McDonald’s would be better off hiring mutants who have more body parts to do more things. You’re supposed to have a runner but half the time they don’t give a shit and you have to get your own food prepared. We tend to have anywhere from 1-4 cars parked at once and ain’t nobody got time to remember which order belongs to which car. The whole time thing is too highly demanding. It isn’t fucking possible McDonald’s! We have a lot of people come in and order 10 mcdoubles or mcchickens or 10 desserts. We dread these people because it takes too much time. Families are the worst to serve, especially when they have little kids. Happy meals are a pain in the ass, toys usually aren’t stocked so we have to waste time looking for them, and when one order has so many orders it’s time consuming and just a pain in the ass to remember and satisfy. I work until close sometimes, I’ve arrived at work at 6am before, I work all weekend every weekend. I cannot stand people who order one order then say they’re done and add more because then we’ve got to go back and sometimes in drive thru we can’t until they reach our window which gets confusing and takes more time.

A lot of customers don’t understand that meals come in sizes and so do drinks. I work for a paycheck, experience, and the fact of I can’t work anywhere else because I’m so young. Finally, don’t look at me like I’m a dumbass because in a few years I’m going to be making $150,000+ a year and you’re still going to be a fatass eating at McDonald’s.