Nordstrom Jobs…Poor Pay and Benefits

AMEN!! that is all I have to say. I knew I was not alone in my opinions or should we say facts seriously I stated here right before Christmas so the time for sales was good for the most part. ┬áBut “Hello why did I sell that shoe I ask myself and which one was it?” because at least 35 to 40% in returns. I wished I would have been just Christmas help at this point because for the 3 weeks I was on unemployment (for the first time in my life I might add) I made more money collecting that then i do now!! when all the returns came rollling in, I was told this is a slow month…Really? NO I think it is the crappy return policy that is so lenient that people return items they e bought from other stores that they know they can return at Nordstrom and get cash back if they choose…or just buy a pair JimmyChoos” and wear them for a night..oh my goodness did the shoe chip your toe-nail problem we can take that back..”what you want cash although you charged it..absolutley no problem..and the worst thing is it is taken out of the hard working employees $$$$!

Nordstrom is so smoke & mirrors it is unbelievable. They dont pay you for non-sale hours you have to work a 1,000 hours before you are eligible for insurance and then after that you have to maintain your hours in addition you have to also maintain your hours to be eligible for insurance they will cancle if you go under a certain amount of hours so you can have it one month and not the next! God forbid you get sick because your insurance will be cancelled when you really need it!

This company is take , take take. worst benefits, horrible mangement and HR department, Horrible pay!Hands down the WORST company to work for total cheaters!!!