Frozen Yogurt Shop Taken Over by Entire Family

Right after I graduated from High school I found a job at a local Frozen Yogurt shop, The same day I got the interview I was hired and began working the night shift that day. I really liked it because I was the only guy besides the manager and the rest of the workers were girls.

Days, weeks, months went by and each and every one of the girls quit, one got married to a marine, the other got prego, the other found a job. by my first year we were down to 3 workers including the manager so by that time I was already experienced enough, summer came by and the manager hired a girl who was from a christian religion, not that i have anything against it but they are suppose to be “respectful” right.  A month later i told the manager if he could give a chance to my girlfriend and to just try her out to see if she could fit in, he said he would, weeks later he hired the girls brother, that’s when shit got serious. Not only did he not take my petition serious he ignored it and went ahead and hired a 16 year old boy (minimum was 18). I decided it was ok whatever.  I trained him and thought him how to do things but he seemed kinda dumb and careless. He didn’t even wanted to clean the lobby floor, or cut fresh fruit all he wanted was to be cashier. That pissed me off more because in here you don’t have just one job, you have to do everything and keep it clean as well yet he did it with the most laziness i have seen in a human being .

A month later her sister quit because she got a $9/h job (we get payed 8) she thought she was the shit so she quit. It didn’t take long for the cousin to bump in and kept insisting the manager to hire him, he did. Not only did i had to deal with a kid now i had to deal with two people that didn’t know the meaning of “clean”. Every time before their shift started they would come in and clock in, go to the back and eat either pizza, ribs, burgers, tortas any fast food. Then, after finishing their little meal chill for 30 min and began working, that’s at least 1 free hour without working. It kept getting worse and a habit, it came down to giving away free yogurt in exchange for food, using their phone all the time, watching movies you name it it was like they came to kick it and get payed. I of course did the work they didn’t at first, then started not giving a flying fuck because the manager didn’t either, they eventually got mad at me and to just put the cherry on top, the sister that quit got fired from her other 9h job and came back begging the manager to hire her back, he did, now all that was left was for the dad and mom to be hired too!!!!!!!!.

I still work with them but now I don’t give a shit if i get fired I don’t prepare anything before I leave my shift I don’t clean. They bitch because they are used to coming in and having everything clean and ready, now is not. This job came from being the perfect job where Team work was the base now it just became a war between them and me, and I’m not the one who’s going to lose!