My Work Hell Story at Maccas

So I’ve been working at Maccas for 7 months now and let me tell you, if it wasn’t for my broke ass, then i would of quit ages ago. On my 1st and 2nd training shifts i was taught how to fry fries, and guess that was pretty easy (not a lot of work). On my 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th training shift i was on registers learning how to operate it and deal with customers. Yeah, registers…..I fucked up real bad. If I served an order wrong because I couldn’t fucking understand these bitches accents or find where the product was, the managers would go off at me like crazy! And because some customers can’t make up their mind and keep cancelling things, I needed a swipe card from the manager to get rid of the uneeded order. Me being all polite and thinking it was ‘ok’ told the customer not to worry, it’s not a problem, until i asked for the swipe card from the manager…it fucking looked like the bitch was gonna murder me!

This happened multiple times, and when I asked the other experienced team members for help they would either ignore me or help me then report me! So the next week (after my training sessions were completed) i was only rostered 1 day on a Thurday for 3 hrs! Yeh like 3 hours is gonna get me enough money to fucken feed my broke ass. And the same thing happened, by now all the employees and managers hate me thinking i’m incompetent! And because the maccas i work at is in a real busy shopping centre, its overwhelming and i sorta feel intimidated by others.

My friends are always telling me, “don’t feel intimidated, it’s only maccas, just quit your job” its easy for them to say, their rich! Anyways the same story repeated itself over the next couple of weeks and more and more employees and managers wanna start bitching about me and making fun of me! Once i served invalid burgers and i full got told off, well my apologies bitches, I wasn’t told we’re not serving these burgers anymore! Do they just expect me to know what they took off the menu? And then many customers wouldn’t come back for their orders and the stupid bitches that were bagging would pack the wrong order then tell the manager it was my fault for not telling them not to make the order when clearly its their fault for not serving the order immediately!!So I got told off by that manager! (oh yeh theres like 17 different managers and 8 different crew trainers who act like their all that, relax your balls bitches you fucken work at maccas) and i fucken havn’t missed an argument with any of them.

When i’m serving customers, they chuck the orders at me and tell me to hurry up and hand them out, RUDE MUCH! Then the customers go off at me for not getting the drinks, when there’s like 5 girls who are suppose to get drinks but instead their playing on their phone or talking to each other! Then the manager wants to go off at me for that aswel. How many shifts do i get now???? 1 fucked up 3 hour shift! Then the managers wanna laugh at me for only having 3 hours! Oh yeh, and all they do is cuddle up in the office and talk about how funny their nights outs are and when should they do it again!!!! Lazy, immature,repulsive morons!And now there’s this new chick who gets so much more hours than me and magnificently has not had any troubles with customers or the managers! And she’s friends with the trainer, so it was easy for her to learn because she has no fear that her trainer was gonna go off at her! And once i was serving drinks and the manager full observed my every move and when she thought i got the wrong order she went off at me and then I showed her the order then she apologized in the most insincere way! Its so embarrassing going into work knowing i’m gonna get teased for not having any shifts, the fact that everyone bitches about me coz they’ve been working there for 2 years or more and they’re so experienced, the fact that I get blamed because other people aren’t doing their job right and the whole hierarchy structure of the business makes people think that their all high and mighty! Fuck maccas, fuck the immature people who work there and fuck the work. Total harassment.