AMC Theaters Low Wages.. Poor Treatment!

I have only been working for AMC Theaters for 5 short months.

For $8 per hour I have been forced to:
-pick up vomit
-stay at work after being thrown up on
-clean poop off of walls
-get called multiple names by customers and still have to stay and be nice
-do hard labor until 1 in the morning
-get called a whore by a supervisor then have him threaten me to not tell anyone or he would lose his job
-have rumors spread about me (by supervisors)
-and now be unlawfully suspended from work

I am currently trying to find a way to take legal action against them unlawfully suspending me due to the fact that my waist line on my pants is made with elastic.

But the people who spread rumors and call me a whore because I won’t sleep with them (ahem my supervisor) don’t get in trouble for anything.

Never work for them.
The managers are incompetent 21 year olds who care more about sex than creating a healthy work environment.
The supervisors are immature and aren’t suited for their jobs.
And the janitors never do their jobs so you end up cleaning up smeared poop on the walls that they didn’t feel like cleaning up.