Rockdale Mcdonalds Why Am I Fired?

Where to begin!!! Hmmmmm. Well to start it off, I’m a manager at the Rockdale McDonald. Well not now… see, I got fired for a NCNS (no call no show), but the thing is, the general manager knew why I didn’t come in…

I got a very bad eye infection,so I went out of town to a doctor 1-5-13… then he sends me a phone text message,stating I’m off schedule until further notice 1-5-13.. OK so I texted him today 1-9-13, and he replied “no call no show means you quit…OK so fine… but out of all the other times I sent a note or my grandmother had told them why I was unable to work I didn’t get fired nor suspended… so why now?

OK, so here’s the true inside story about how fair it really is. There are 2 managers still there today that has been caught numerous times on camera,pictures on a cell phone,and their very own employees stealing food products from the truck and stealing money on a daily bases…. so why is it that I supposedly did a NCNS, I get fired and they keep their jobs… OK so here’s a little information on the 2 of them.

One of them always promo a bunch of food off for her family and friends whenever she wants but if someone else got caught,they would get in trouble. She’s been caught NUMEROUS TIMES!!!!

OK,for the second manager, well get ready to throw-up… but to start it off, he been caught NUMEROUS TIMES stealing money,money,and more money… OK now get ready to throw-up… he really has a BAD HYGIENE PROBLEM …. he’s constantly sweating sweating and sweating.. I mean I even seen sweat drip in the tea bucket numerous times that people had drank out of. And he stinks no matter what.. maybe its the dope he be soon at home and at work… but is he fired??? Nope,still there. How about that. Oh,and just a few days ago he was caught coughing all over the foods. We had customers see and complained about it. So why does he still got his job….