I love Night Auditor Duties so Much!

First off I want to say cool site! I’m a front desk clerk/night auditor at small hotel in a small town. I can honest say I like my job!

I’ve had alot of jobs from straw hat warehouse worker(sweat shop), CNA( glorifed ass wiper), call center (nightmare),dental asst. (temper tantram denist),taco packer for frozen food factory(nightmare #2) to medical lab tube glue(weirdest). Anyway you get my point! hahaha

It took me awhile to find out what I really like doing and with all these jobs I have found a career in the hotel business. I’m currently going to school for hospitality management which will open up a whole new avenue for me then just front desk clerk/night audit. Don’t get me wrong the hotel has its moments of guest treating us like we are stupid, trying to scams us for frees rooms, domestic issues, hookers, drunks, back up toilets and gossip. What really makes this job shine above the rest is my boss who truly cares about his staff,easy to get along with staff(sometimes),career possibilities and interesting people.

I like the fact that there isn’t ever a dull moment.