Nursing is not Everyone’s cup of tea

I am a student nurse, in my 3rd year of nursing. I took up nursing with a lot of passion towards it. Prior to being a part of nursing, I worked for 10 years after my 12th grade in medical transcription, I did make good money there. I lost my close friend who died of brain tumor, a cousin of RTA, an uncle of MI…. for others, it was just death.. but for me, I don’t wanna stand there crying.. It was then that I decided I wanna be a nurse, care for people in pain, bring about a smile on their face if not anything.. so.. AM here now.. in nursing.

The good part is, I love being with my patients, caring for their needs, talk to them, educate them, do the best I can..

The bad part is, the humiliation we face by some patients.. they just treat us like cleaners!! the long hours, doctors treating us like garbage bags, dumb heads!! clinical instructors putting us down, a lot of favoritism, people who don’t deserve getting what they want but people who work hard getting lesser grades due to favoritism..

I was a part of reputed college, which just shut down and I had no where to go! Now, am in a low-grade, pathetic nursing institute, which depresses me a lot.. Each day, I cry and push myself to be in the college, just because I don’t wanna give up.. I have dreams, I wanna do my masters in critical care nursing. I am hardly trained here and am scared about my future, fulfilling my dreams.. but yes.. i have a hope.. am planning to work voluntarily in a hospital and gain all that experience.

Nursing is not everyone’s cup of tea. One needs to be thick skinned, brave, confident enough, and have a “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude. I know people put us down, but who cares? We just need to concentrate on one thing, help people with fewer or no expectations! ¬†We don’t have to prove anything to anybody if we are good in what we do yeah?

I know there is a lot of stress, shitty working conditions, lower pay (in India, it is just 4500 to 6000 rs/month, i.e. 100 dollars for a fresher, for 6 days a week, almost 60 hours a week job).. but if you are someone who has patience and zeal to learn more.. You should not give up nursing!!

And yes, for those who are in the field already, I really wanna say – “You rock!!” :-)