LVN Male Nurses are Discriminated

I’ve been an lvn for 3 years and in that time I  have never held a full time job as a nurse.  I’ve been forced to work registry jobs with non guaranteed shifts. I’ve been used as grunt labor and all kinds of random SHIT because im a male nurse I get asked not to give women shots in the bum because im a MAN WITH COOTIES no one will or has offered me a full time position and its not for a lack of looking.

I have worked medical surgical telemetry corrections clinical work and skilled nursing im IV/ACLS/PALS certified, and yet i can’t get a REAL JOB as a nurse i’m personable and friendly a goofball i always make my patients feel comfortable and let them know i’m going to take care of them so lets get down to it

I’m writing this tonight because I was invited to work at an urgent care clinic near by (which is a big deal most of my jobs require me to commute 3 or more hours each way). I went in started orienting my self with the staff and the computer system and really felt at home the pt load was great a little heavy but great the staff was friendly and welcoming and 3 of them openly stated you are a great fit here it was a 12 hour clinic and the doctor who was one of the partners, around the 9th hour told me hey its really slowing down and we would like you to come back on a week day to get a better idea of a heavier day, so I thought nothing of it packed up went home I sent message to the doctor who had offered me the job today and he sent me a reply of …… the position has been filled by some one else thanks for your time …………

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT he made me go buy scrubs for the fucking office so I did nothing wrong and i’m so confused i feel devalued and well taken advantage of.

I may be an LVN instead of an RN.  However, i’ve been working side by side RN’s in the Med/surg/tele floor on and off for a year and i have always felt that i’m a nurse not an lvn or rn or whatever just a nurse i hate this … I can’t support my family like this I have 2 kids a wife and were forced to live with my mother because ill work for a week have 2 of no work work for a week nothing for 3 weeks WHO THE FUCK CAN LIVE LIKE THIS!!! my wife looks at me like i’m a joke like i’m not trying to find full time work like i’m a failure
its tearing my life appart ive started applying for holiday work at retail stores cause i can’t get work as a NURSE.
I read another one of these stories and the person was complaining that she hates what she does well i love it i love the feeling of helping people of knowing that i made a difference that i was part of a team who saved a life or made some one feel better and this is the only job in which i have ever felt like this so i don’t know what to do i don’t want to just give up I don’t want to stop what i’m doing but its not fair to me or my family either way.  I just needed to ramble about this to get it off my chest and say a big FUCK YOU to the man or who ever is against me have a good life people.