Supercuts with Super Low Wages to Workers

I have worked for Supercuts for over ten years and must say they truly don’t care about their employees. Now during the Christmas season we get no Christmas parties no bonuses nothing..

They are always wanting the numbers to be at a certain point and when the shop does it what do we get???We get to wear jeans!!! wow..

It just seems like they care about the money they make and less about the employees that make that money for them.. Not to mention the Shady ass manager they have at the store. She kisses the supervisors ass so bad that no matter how many times she gets complained on the supervisor always has her back.. Bullshit.. customers are another thing. We all know customers like the lie make things bigger and seems like the manager always has the customers back instead of her own employees..No raises or nothing .. making the same i made when i first got there.