The Downsides of McDonalds Manager Position

Hi there, so I’m 19 and am currently a manager at McDonalds in New South Wales, Australia. And I’m here to tell you just how bad my job is.

First of all, I have been a manager for little under a year. And the McDonalds I work at is located within a shopping centre, so for that i’m fortunate because i don’t have to work late night shifts. I work 8 hour days, five days a week, just like everyone else in the country. Though unlike most people in the country, I do not get a break and I sure as hell don’t receive pay overtime. Even though on any given week I generally have to stay back for an extra 2 hours for complications that arise on shift. Such as the delivery truck being late, the computer crashing, cash not being right, etc.

I’m basically here to tell you just how bad my job is and to have a nice big whinge. But i will admit however, my job does have its up side. I work with great people, people who bring happiness and joy to my day, people who work hard and help me out when its needed, people who encourage me to do better and to be myself, people who accept me for who i am. And I do receive a rather healthy income of $500 a week.

But that’s the upside. Not much really.

So here’s the lowdown. I am not entitled to a break. Everyday that I work I don’t get a break. I am expected to serve customers for all the 8 hours I work each day. I am expected and encouraged to put my own money into the tils if they are down. It is unacceptable to the others higher in the establishment if I am to leave cash down for the day. I am expected to dish out my own hard earned cash to fix other people’s mistakes.

And cash is, on any given day, generally down $2 to $5 a day. But it is also common for it to be down $20 and up to $50 a day. Just earlier this week i put $35 of my own money into a til.

I deal with a tremendous amount of bullshit from customers every single day because of McDonalds’s flawed ‘customers are always right’ policy. I get verbally abused nearly everyday, I have to give out refunds and food to customers who I and everyone else i work with know are clearly lying. And the reason this is done? To prevent the store receiving a complaint. And if our store receives a complaint, we are threatened and abused by our Area Consultant from head office.

Every week day we are down on crew. We generally have 3 crew out the front and 3 crew out the back. Plus there is the 2 managers. One manager does open (6am to 2pm) while the other does close, which is generally (11am to 7pm). So each manager is to struggle on there own for 5hours any given day. And our store generally receives 600 to 700 customers on any given weekday. So that’s generally 88 customers per crew person. Everyday we struggle. We struggle to move the lines, we struggle to have enough product up (fish, chicken and red meat products) to support the orders we receive.

And while we are getting smashed by these large influxes of customers we are expected to have the store sparkling clean. Which is impossible and never happens. We are expected to give 2part greetings and farewells to every customer. Even those who abuse us, fail to use everyday manners and are generally rude as all hell to us.
And to the store manager this is fine. Because she gives all the good crew the same days off that she has off, so we are stuck with the new crew, the slow crew, and the lazy crew members. But then she she’s on its a different story. She has the good crew on and she gets to have a nice, smooth shift.

Both i and my crew receive abuse, threats and the occasional death stare when we fail to give a customer there order in less than 5minutes. Even when these customers can clearly see that we are understaffed and that we are struggling severely.

But what I hate most about my job? The stress I receive every single day. The stress of dealing with a customer complaint. The stress when the crew and I struggle to keep up with the vast flow of orders and then are abused by the other managers because we are ‘too slow’. It’s no wonder every other manager in the store smokes.

And then to top that off, if I am the close manager, I have to count every till, and over $3000 worth of product in an hour. Then all this data is sent to head office via a computer program which is a long, slow and painful process. And we are given one crew person who is expected to clean all the equipment, clean the floors and prepare the store for the next day. And this crew person is expected to do most of this in that one hour period as well.

Also, we are not allowed to take our holidays when there are school holidays on. And our store manager is the one who generally tells us when to take our holidays. She has made me, and every other manager in the store take our holidays when we haven’t requested them, often she gives us a few days notice of our holidays, and we have no say in the matter. She also manipulates our Days In Lieu by often putting them on days that she has already given us off.

So that’s my whinge. And it feels good to know that other people can know of my pain that I am condemned to everyday, other than my friends and family. So the moral of the story is: don’t work for McDonalds and sure as hell don’t eat there. All those stories you hear are true.

The corporation is greedy. It makes its vast fortunes unethically and has standards that are all but impossible for its crew to achieve. We do not receive recognition or praise for those things that we do well in. We are doomed to suffer really. Which is why I plan to leave at the end of the year and start my life fresh.